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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Stages of Spiritual Unfoldment: Seventh Stage, Cosmic Consciousness

 In the final Stage of Spiritual Unfoldment, which may be a cycle of stages, as we ascend in a spiral, We begin with The Chariot, the Key that is known as Receptivity-Will. There is a surrender of sorts, as we consciously allow the Higher Self to be the Actor in our life-drama. He/She/It is always the true Actor, but we frequently deny that and believe we are in charge at the lower level.  There is nothing but Victory once we let this change of identification become a conscious awareness, no matter what our personal circumstances may be. We know, at a very deep level, that this incarnation is only a small part of our series of incarnations, and that the events of this lifetime are for our good and the good of all Creation. 

The process of becoming identified with the Higher Self is brought about by the Holy Guardian Angel, who works on us through the subconscious mind, where our Animal Soul resides. He/She/It finds all the leftover scars from former incarnations and the earlier parts of this one, known as samskaras in Eastern philosophical terms. They are brought to conscious awareness as events, people, dreams, feelings, thoughts that require balancing. These are not all dumped into our consciousness at the same time, thank goodness! They are gradually and thoroughly dealt with. At the conscious level, we observe patterns in our thinking, feeling, and behavior that are unbalanced in some way, whether that be frequent irritation or frustration, or other fiery parts (the Lion), or emotional states and weaknesses (the Eagle). The Angel gives us the needed balance to the remaining "holes in our souls". A major part of this process is that these unconscious patterns become conscious. Then we can seek to develop the opposite qualities.

Finally, the end result is Cosmic Consciousness. Once again, I cannot lay claim to having attained this level of Spiritual Unfoldment. I only know what I have been told, which is that once this is attained, the human being lives life as a joyous, free expression of the Higher Self. Key 21, The World, is attributed to Saturn, which brings us full circle. We began with Key 15, Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, and symbolizing bondage, which is what we need to prompt us to work on ourselves and our lives. Now we have Saturn itself, which involves restricting the field of activity. True freedom always involves that kind of discipline. To be a good dancer, a person must dedicate themselves to constant practice and effort. In the end, the dancer can leap as if with winged feet, to embody freedom of movement. But an undisciplined or half-hearted attempt at learning dance will not bring that about. Therefore, spiritual unfoldment requires constant focus and what seems like effort. In the end, we know that all the effort was made by the Lord of the Universe, and we have simply responded to that Mind.

Stages of Spiritual Unfoldment: Stage Six - Realization

 The Sixth Stage of Spiritual Unfoldment begins with awareness of differences, in this system, termed Discrimination. It means becoming conscious of subtle differences in the choices we make. We examine the opposites, here shown as the masculine and the feminine sides of our nature. In my opinion, this Key illustrates the heart (the Sun), the breath and lungs (Archangel Raphael in his cloud), the diaphragm (the mountain), and the two sides of the nervous system, the hot fiery aspect (the man with his fiery tree), and the cooler moist aspect (the woman with the Kundalini and ripening Inner Senses).  With each breath, we can take in Prana, which is distributed through the bloodstream and delivered to each cell of the body. It is what is known in alchemy as the gold. "To make gold (to become enlightened) you must take gold (absorb Prana from food, air and water)." The amount of Prana absorbed can be increased by imagining sunlight in each breath you take. It then feeds the brain and changes it for the better.

The way the body is altered is through the Death of our cells. Every moment, cells are dying and new ones are being born. Movement and change require deaths. Through these physical changes we are gradually reborn into a new body and a new world. If we are consciously aware of how benign death is, we assist the process of change. We begin to be aware of the Higher Self in our hearts.

The end of this process of change inside the body, which changes the mind, is a Realization living in Eternity, Here and Now. This realization is impossible to describe in words, even for those who have experienced it, and I cannot claim to have experienced it. It is beyond the everyday level of human experience. Once this Stage is attained, there is no more fear of Death, because we know we live forever, though our bodies come and go. We build one, experience what we need to learn, then move on, to build another body, for another lesson in this physical plane, the plane of Change. Between incarnations, we absorb the lessons we have received, and prepare for the next ones.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Teeming Billions ... and Their Mega Cities

Sometimes I wonder how the teeming billions are doing. And I think I live in a big city. Bwahahah!

Mexico City 21.6 million

Sao Paulo 21.2 million
Seoul, Korea 25.6 million
Karachi, Pakistan 23.5 million
Shanghai 24.75 million

Delhi 25.7 million

Tokyo 37.8 million

Monday, August 18, 2014

Interference Paint Effect

Frontal View

Angled View
The light changed between these shots, so the one on the right is darker (a storm blew in), but you can see the window panes are distinctly different colors, the one on the right glowing, and the serpent is brighter gold in some areas. The Eagle Man, Garuda, is also shinier looking. These are all effects produced by the use of interference pigments. They add a bit of mystery to a painting. This one is very close to being finished now.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Before and After Photos of Paintings Framed

Please forgive my wonky photos. If I used a tripod I would do better!
Sunrise over Bay Area Boulevard framed
Sunrise over Bay Area Boulevard unframed

Canyon of the Yellowstone unframed

Canyon of the Yellowstone framed

Teton Pass unframed
Teton Pass framed


Framer on the Premises

Patrick Checking a Frame

My son Patrick brought over a lot of 50-year-old fencing cedar, which he used to make frames for my landscapes. They look marvelous!
Double Checking 
One of the framed paintings

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ascension Getting Somewhere

I worked on "Ascension" today, giving the doves more detail, and using an ultramarine blue glaze on the hillside to the right of the figure, so that entire area is dark.

"Ascension" July 20, 2014

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Today's Work on "Ascension"

I love each painting at every stage. I feel more has to be done on this painting, but I love it as it is now, too. It is about the joyful release of death, when we leave behind a used-up shell of a physical body, and fly out into the great unknown, the mysterious adventure.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sudden Fun

This quirky movie concerns a girl who believes she is probably losing her mind. She turns out to be the sanest person in the entire film. It is fun to see how things go, and the casting is great.

Venus in a Cockle Shell

If you read this blog with any regularity at all, you may have realized I see movies long after they come out. This wonderful film is another in my wayward meander through moving pictures.

Peter O'Toole plays a very dear man who knows his death is approaching rapidly. He brings some joy and admiration to the girl he calls Venus, and she cheers him in his last months. Both are transformed, and it is a joy to watch. When they show the early photos of O'Toole, we can't help remembering how beautiful a man he was. His work continued to shine throughout his life, and I find it remarkable.

Peter O'Toole (August 2, 1932 - December 14, 2013)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Recipe for Happiness

These are B.O.T.A. Tarot Keys (cards) that I colored using acrylic paint. I was given a large set, 14"Hx11"W, to color for use in the Study Group here in Houston.

B.O.T.A. recommends using the Keys as visual suggestions to the subconscious mind. I am showing you, in this case, a remedy for sorrow, unhappiness, or depression.

First, The Sun shows us the truth about human consciousness. We are the children of the Sun, which is a living entity, whose outer face is our physical Sun. Meditating on this Key will help remind you of who and what  you really are, and you will find the power surging up in you to face the stresses of daily life in the physical realm.

The Fool symbolizes the limitless power at your command every second of every day. He tells your subconscious mind that anything is possible, that you are an expression of the One Will of the Universe. Live, dance, love, laugh. All is as it should be.

Finally, Strength. This Key shows us the power of suggestion, and teaches us that we must have courage to work with the Kundalini, using the subtle means of suggestion. This is a gradual method of working with this powerful force. This method does not require a guru. Dwell on what you want, and see it as a present and vivid reality. It will come into manifestation gradually but inevitably.

Don't worry, be happy. Happiness is our responsibility. Defend yourself against the forces of separation, the manipulation of the various media which pander to fear. Remember you are a child of God, and you are lovable, exactly as you are, and you will blossom.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Let the Gazing Begin

Stick a Fork in It?
I have to look at this painting for some time to be sure it is finished. I like it a lot, and it is very near completion if it is not competed.

Curiouser and Curiouser ...

Constance in Garudasana
Today I asked for guidance, because I was really unsure how to proceed with this painting. It is a complex image, and a lot is going on in it. I changed the colors of the background, added skin and hair tone, and then I decided to change the window panes from greenish-yellow to light cerulean blue. DEAD! was the result. 

I had all that color mixed so I went over Garuda, making him more solid. I was not sure I should do that. However, we still know he is not in the physical plane, somehow. Then I mixed up a light green with a touch of blue in it, and put that in the pane shapes. I like this painting, but it is very odd. It is completely unlike my older work, yet I feel it is true to my process.

This painting is nearing completion. I find it extremely satisfying to work on. Looking at it feeds my soul.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Spiritual Unfoldment Series

Beginning of the Whirlings

Matrix of Matter

As Above So Below

Leaves and Fire

First Breath

Middle Pillar Meditation

Heart Centering


Activation of The Higher Centers

Thousand-Petalled Lotus

Last Breath


If I had been able to make these all vertical or all horizontal, I think the series would be more successful. As it was, it seemed important to get the ideas on paper. Perhaps one day I will make "Touching the Shadow" in a vertical format. I don't know.

Facing the Shadow

Touching the Shadow


Shadow Dancing