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Friday, October 25, 2013

Consciousness of Unity

i-Want an i-Road!

This little vehicle is very exciting. I want an enclosed tricycle, either motorized or electric, so that I can do errands without pooping out tons of CO2 on the trip. According to my research, where I live, electricity is produced by coal, so electric does not save much in the way of emissions, but it is an improvement.

I would not want to drive this thing on the freeway, but for most errands I would not have to.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

My First Book ... heh

Potion #38 Paradigm Shifter!
I visited Osprey last week, and she kindlly sent me a thank-you bottle of Calilfornia Merlot (which I love), with a BIZARRE label. The card says Enjah
happy halloween Osprey

First of all, the picture is a shot I took of us in Photobooth, a resident photo app on iPad. It is turned sideways, and squished, besides. we look insanely witchy.

The type tell the ingredients is probably too small for you to read here, so I quote:

Ingredients: Eye of newt, fingernail clippings, chupacabra bristles, toad warts, radioactive cesium, sauerkraut essence. Contains less than .01% of the following: Souls of the Damned, hfcs, black dye #666.
WARNING: Bottled in facility that processes nuts.
GLUTEN FREE - FAT FREE. I am so reassured that it is gluten free! I can now get drunk without worrying!