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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

Doctors' Blinders

Last week I had my yearly physical. Going in, I had four issues:

  1. A middle rib that hurt right where it joins the spine.
    The Doctor's solution: get an x-ray
    The Doctor's diagnosis, based on reading of x-ray: nothing wrong
  2. A pain in my elbow.
    The Doctor's solution: this is golfer's elbow (I don't play golf), ice it or you will have to have a cortisone shot!
  3. Pain in my hips.
    The Doctor's solution: go to an orthopedic hip specialist
    The Ortho Doc takes x-ray
    The Ortho Doctor'
    s diagnosis, based on reading of  x-ray: nothing wrong
  4. I have swollen legs, one more swollen than the other
    The Doctor's diagnosis: lipoedema, but why bother investigating further, as there is no treatment
So, a week later, I have the same problems I had when I went to the doctor, with only one solution, for the elbow. Not only that, I have been diagnosed with a serious illness, and have been told there is no treatment, which is not true.

My conclusion: doctors are useless. I refer you to another blog: You Know You're An Asshole Doctor

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Cabin Porn v. 2.0 ... ICE SHANTY PORN

Osprey blogged a site called freecabinporn, and though I think those images are quite titillating, you haven't really lived until you have spent a weekend in an ice fishing shanty on a frozen lake in Wisconsin (left).

Windows Ate My Computer

Some have accused me of being impulsive, and perhaps they have a point ... I downloaded and installed Windows 8, expecting ... well not really having any preconceived ideas of how it might look or act. I was horrified to see that it:

  • will not let iTunes continue to have my computer as an authorized computer
  • will not run Second Life without upgrading my graphics card (which I just upgraded)
  • has no button I once knew as Control Panel
  • and has layer upon layer of nonsense and makes it hard to find even the desktop!
OK so I said BEGONE! Well, it is just not that simple. Poor Simple Ellen, always thinking, "they wouldn't!" when in actuality they would and did. Microsoft leaves it up to the User to save Windows 7 somewhere or somehow. So I had to buy a backup disc, which will be arriving in the mail, because they no longer allow anyone to download Windows 7 as a backup. I would have had to pay $199.99 (oh SO much less than $200) to buy a new W7 that I already bought with the computer.

What comes to my little brainlet is, why don't they PROVIDE A BACKUP DISC with a new, very powerful and expensive computer that they loaded with Windows? That would be the nice thing to do, now wouldn't it? Yes, I know I should have known, I should have made a backup disc, I should have made a partition, I shoulda woulda coulda blah blah blah. WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO DO ANY OF THAT FOR A PREVIEW?

Turner Classic Movies Presents Casablanca 70th Anniversary Event

Turner Classic Movies Presents Casablanca 70th Anniversary Event

And yes, we are going to that "theatre near us" to see this wonderful film on a big screen. I have never seen it larger than life, and I know the thing by heart, but it will be fun! Maybe you want to buy a ticket for a theatre near YOU!