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Friday, July 29, 2011

apple bit me

Strangely enough, till now, I loved apple. I loved the mac, love the iPhone, love the apps. 

Yesterday, I even got an iPhone4!

Today I am really torqued at them. They leaned on amazon to remove the kindle store button from the kindle for iPhone, because they were not getting their cut.See article here. I can still work around that, with my kindle, on the PC, and through safari, but it is really ugly. Taking something away from a consumer is not very bright. It builds bad will, apple. Did you know that?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's In a Name?

Gwyneth Llewellyn posted a longish rant about names on G+, which is quoted here by Osprey. It got me to thinking (again) about my names.

When I was born, the presiding nuns performed  "an emergency baptism", presumably because I was not expected to live, and needed a Catholic passport through the pearly gates. I was named Mary. My mother disliked that name and in fact had a name already in mind for me, should I be a girl, so the name Ellen was tacked on that and I became Ellen Mary. That stuck for a number of years, until I was confirmed, at which time I took on the name Anne, as each child being confirmed was supposed to take a new name, signifying that he or she was a new person from that moment on. I was now Ellen Mary Anne Flatley.

I got married, and I was then Ellen Mary Anne Flatley Malcheski.

I got divorced and became a hippie and became simply Sundown.

I became quite a feminist, and changed my surname to McCormick, which meant, to me, that I belonged neither to my father nor to my ex-husband. The name was my grandmother's maiden name.

I remarried and took my husband's surname in the traditional manner, and became Ellen McCormick Martens, which name I now use for my painting signature. It is terribly long for that but oh well.

I joined the slightly open BETA of Uru Live, and gave myself the name Enjah, which I made up. Since then I have found it already existed in some other cultures.

I then went to There, where I remained Enjah, and to Second Life, where I had to choose a surname. I liked Mysterio, which has since been retired as a surname.

I created "alts", other avatars to use for different activities, and now have Edward Manray, Elle Michabo, Eileen McTeague and Emma Metropolitan (all with my initials for ease of remembering their names) and Fuzzy Bunyip (yes, I broke my own tradition), who is distrusted by all.

Then I created characters in Second Life, whose names are various, including the infamous Margaux.

She finally got a surname when I needed to have her inworld with my main avatar. Meet Margaux Bluxome!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Is This Right?

In Kingdom-Age there are duels on horseback. As you can see, I have more techniques than my opponent does, plus more hitpoints, armour, damage, and a bit more balance, yet he beat me. This happens more than I like. Maybe it is just chance, but one would like to think all that development would give one an edge.

Truffaut Sez

Un tournage de film ça ressemble exactement au trajet d'une diligence au Far West. D'abord, on espère faire un bon voyage et puis, très vite, on en vient à se demander si on arrivera à destination.

(Making a film is just like taking a stagecoach in the Far West. At first you hope to have a pleasant journey, but you soon start wondering if you’re going to get there at all.)

Today Osprey and I struggled to do the climactic scene in Hunneh Bunneh; I am covered with virtual bruises from all the falling I did. I hope we make it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Los Angeles Police Station Set for Hunneh Bunneh

In one of the scenes we will be shooting this week, Humphrey Bonedog meets with the police detective, in this office. 

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Humphrey in Disguise (without Diamonds)

Humphrey Bonedog is prepared for the investigation in his plaid suit, brown shoes and hat, and his sunglasses and moustache. Also, he carries a patented magnifying glass from Osprey Therian!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Marine Mammal Center : Washed Ashore: Plastics, Sea Life and Art

The Marine Mammal Center : Washed Ashore: Plastics, Sea Life and Art

Ocean Sky from Alex Cherney on Vimeo.

Doing It With Love

A phrase that keeps popping up in my mind is, "do it with love". I find that this mantra helps me to slow down and be more in tune with the beings around me. It is not easy for me to do repetitive tasks with love. The new is my preference, but what already is here must be maintained or it will be lost. This is an experiment in conscious action for me.

For whatever reason, I am attracted to Ganesha, and I ask his help in removing the  obstacles in me that prevent me from performing every action, great or small, exciting or boring, repetitive or unique, with love. 

Ganesha is Lord of Obstacles, specifically the remover of obstacles, 

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Another Movie Set

I really enjoy building these sets, especially for Tiny movies like the forthcoming Hunneh Bunneh. This is the Tiny Lookout, where Humphrey Bonedog has his cabin in the woods, and Joseph Cottentail hides out.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Yasunari Kawabata

I am now watching Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters via my new Roku device, which streams Netflix Instant Watch movies to our TV. That made me think of Kawabata, because I read both authors during my Japanese-novel-reading period. Kawabata's Beauty and Sadness is incredibly moving and wonderful; it is also smooth and enjoyable to read.

Kawabata received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1968. 

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Dog House

Here is my new house in Kingdom-Age, with all my hounds lounging around in full view of a cat! They are well fed so they ignore the feline beastie.

Years ago, I read in a book called "Yoga Self-Taught", about using the neti pot to clean out the nostrils on a daily basis, as part of cleansing one's body. I tried it and did it from time to time. In the book it claimed that daily nasal cleansing would prevent colds and sinus infections, so I performed the cleansing when I got a cold, but was reluctant to do it on a daily basis because it is one more thing to do each day.

GFM had chronic sinus infections so I told him about the neti pot. Then he spoke to an ENT doctor about using the neti pot, and the doctor said it would help him a lot; he began using his neti pot daily. 

Lately my allergies have been terrible, so I began using the neti pot twice daily, morning and night. Remarkably my decades-long problem of having to cough, blow my nose, and sneeze for at least an hour in the morning disappeared. Now I have almost no problem with allergies.

Using the neti pot is simple and there are instructions with the ones you can purchase on the internet. The one I like best is from the Himalayan Institute. One of the most important parts of using the neti pot is the salt solution. If it is too weak, it hurts like when you accidentally take water into your nose; when it is too strong the salt burns the nasal tissue. A heaping teaspoon of kosher salt or other salt without additives in a pint of warm water is exactly the right solution.