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Friday, October 29, 2010

Hunneh At Home

See all your favorite stars in the movie "Hunneh Bunneh": Osprey Therian as Harry Snodgrass! Edward Manray as Sam Sloan! Plus Mudpie Mornington, Headburro Antfarm and many, many more!

Coming soon to this blog and possibly others ...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Finally Reading This ...

A lot of the information in this book is still revolutionary in its viewpoint; for example, that specialization leads to extinction in the natural world and in the human world.

Even now, we are over-specialized (Medical General Practitioners are still difficult to find) to an amazing degree. One of his predictions was that the computer (geeks cheer now) will take over the metaphysics of humankind. Now the internet makes general knowledge much more accessible and widespread, so that human beings are becoming more and more generalists, Leonardos if you will.

Identity is no longer tangled up with the kind of work one performs. National borders are becoming impossible to maintain. The disappearance of borders of all kinds is the way for humanity to survive, he says, and we are witnessing the greatest dissolving of differences among groups in human history.

Many would argue against this, fearing the re-taking of the world reins by the hidden masters who reigned in the 19th Century, but I doubt they can do it. There is an inexorable flow of energy from specialization to adaptability, from sovereignty to liquidity of human movement, from separation to unity amongst human beings.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bunneh Documentary circa 1917

This silent film is a failed documentary on American troops in France. It was recovered from the archives of the small village of L'Ours Chie dans Le Bois*, and restored.
*In the Cliche Region, only five kilometers from the better-known village of Oui, Le Pape Est Catholique.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Lamp for Old!

In Aladdin this would mean I could rub the old lamp and have a genie rise out of it.

This is one of those oddities of modern commerce. I bought the lamp (on the right) online. Over time the switch became more and more difficult to turn, finally being impossible for me. I notified the manufacturer, who put me through a few hoops then offered a replacement lamp, provided I cut the plug off the end of the power cord and sent them a photo of it cut off.

Now, any reasonable person would know that I could have the old lamp repaired, and have two of them. Why would the manufacturer ask for this silly pseudo-disabling of the lamp?

It must be cheaper to replace than it is to repair, is the sad conclusion. This is not reasonable, but it is the current Way of the World. Robots made another one, but lamp repairmen (and women) are skilled and scarce. This is not a "green" way of solving problems, but I had to acquiesce. Now I will give the broken lamp to a charitable organization that may fix and sell it. Oh well, I hope someone who needs a good lamp will give it a home.

Ah Yes, Texas Votes ... for Governor

These are the candidates. From the left (no, not THAT left, silly, this IS Texas, after all): Bill White, mayor of Houston, Democrat; Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, Republican; Kathie Glass, Libertarian candidate; and Deb Shafto, the Green Party candidate.

The democrats sought to block the Green Party from this election because they are funded by Republicans, in hopes they will drain off Democratic votes. Where the Libertarians get their money, I do not know, though we can speculate, can't we?

In my ongoing quest to find suitable third party candidates, I have chosen Deb Shafto. If that derails Bill White's governorship, so be it. He blew it in my view when he bungled the Hurricane Rita evacuation, by not opening the contra lanes in a reasonable length of time, thereby causing misery and in a few cases, death, to occur on the highways leading away from the Galveston Bay area and Houston. Take that, Bill!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Hunneh Bunneh Set

This is the tavern in France where Hunneh meets both Harry and Sam. Can you see Sam sitting in one of the chairs? If not, I have some work to do.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Read Wooden Books Online

This amazing site allows you to see the entire collection of Wooden Books, and read each one! Go to and see for yourself. Be aware, the bookshop is only open a few minutes a day ...

Tiny House!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Mandala Show at the Yoga Studio

I hung my show of plant mandalas today at the Houston Iyengar Yoga Studio, and I like how they look there. I have yet to frame the Strawberry Mandala, but once I do I will add it to the show.

It is really nice to have a show of my work again after all this time dormant.

Friday, October 01, 2010

HOW TO: Catch Chickens!

Genghis Blues

I am currently watching this documentary about an American blues singer who gets intrigued by Tuvan throatsinging and goes to Tuva. Paul Pena played with many well-known and well-regarded musicians. When his wife died, he found throatsinging and pursued it.

The journey to Tuva is interesting, and one of the people who wanted to visit this central Asian area was Richard Feynman, one of my favorite people of all time. He and Ralph Leighton attempted to go there; it was Feynman's last journey, recounted in Leighton's book, "Tuva or Bust".