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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chocolate Tools in a Pine Box!

I am doing research on an upcoming act for The Show Must Go On! our variety show in Second Life, and googling "box of nails" I got THIS! ZOMG!

It is from Creative Chocolates of Vermont, and they also make chocolates in other shapes, but this one tickled my fancy.

Record Ya Life!

Ok is this dude wearing a crocheted cap along with his
grey-cotton-knit-embellished-with-sorta-fleece-headphones? Tell me he is NAWT!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Snake Pit

Amongst the Oscar-winning films being shown on TCM was The Snake Pit, with Olivia deHavilland. When I was a child, this movie was being shown on television, but my father made us turn it off; mother had been in and out of mental hospitals since the year this movie came out.
The movie depicts shock treatment, but not in grisly detail. Thank goodness for that; the patients' bones sometimes used to break during the induced grand mal seizures they underwent, until physicians began to administer tranquilizers to prevent that possibility.
Mother described the feeling of being paralyzed that came with the drugs given to her before ECT. She was terrified. She said her diaphragm was paralyzed and she could not breathe.

For Those Who Love The Fifties (and you know who you are)

Note shop called Vivian's ...

"Tough Love" - My View

If you are drowning, I will pull you out. If you jump right back in the water, that is your choice and I will have to turn away.

The Atomic Vacuum for Osprey

All Everyman heroes are forced to be resourceful ... in the case of Our Man in Havana, the vacuum cleaner store owner, having been put in the role of spy, had to come up with something that was being spied! In his case, he looked at the diagram he had of one of their vacuum cleaner models, and simply drew a tiny human being in it. Voila! A frightening weapon of mass destruction!

Graham Greene's Dark Humor

I am a fan of Graham Greene, especially "Our Man in Havana", "The Comedians" and "The Third Man". Today on Turner Classic Movies (in 31 Days of Oscar) they showed The Third Man ... I tuned in just as the main character, Holly Martins, is taken to the book club to speak on his philosophy of writing (he has none). This is typical Greene humor, to put the main character in some situation where he is presumed to have knowledge he does not possess, and others are confused by his responses. He is not alone in the use of this plot stratagem, but he is a master of it.

In The Comedians, the main character is presumed to be part of the opposition, which he decidedly is not, but he must become what he is presumed to be or be killed. In Our Man in Havana, the main character is hired to be a spy, a profession for which he has not the least shred of aptitude or interest, but as the plot moves on we see he must become one, or someone from one side or the other will kill him.

Adobe Photoshop Cookies!

Adobe Photoshop Cook from Lait Noir on Vimeo.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Post-Production Tristesse

A work of art leaves the nest / studio / computer when it is fledged, and it never returns. It becomes the past, something one worked on, but the connection is snapped. The hot sensation of being in the middle of a project is gone.
The only cure for the sense of loss is a new project. As Sam Sloan says in "The Malted Bunneh", "I have some ideas ..." The next painting / movie / whatever is always the one that captures the imagination.

Rabbit Noir

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday, February 07, 2010

First Ever Tiny Film Festival!!!

There was a lot of glamour and prestige, not to mention clamor and sound!

Fourteen great little (and Tinycentric) films were aired today at the first Tiny Film Festival. Some had the glory of receiving their first Otter! Some had the honor of participating and this Walk of Fame Star was my reward for "Tiny Alien Invasion". The enjoyment of making the film was my real reward, but I will cherish this star, which I have embedded in my granite deck.
See my pix of the event on flickr.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Posters!

Come see the Raglan Shire Film Festival Sunday, February 7, 2010 at 11:30AM SLT (same as US Pacific Time)!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Feeling Maudlin

What kind of day has family drama, the glory of success and the sorrow of defeat, disappointment, frustration and self-pity, plus guilt?

Why today of course!

With a massive re-write, I finished my tiny aliens movie. I felt proud and posted it on YouTube, only to be informed it was a bad production. Then I tried to fix it but could not, so oh well. I shot a sow's ear; it cannot be silk-pursed. I loved making it. The Tinies are so much fun to work with, and Osprey's space ship was awesome!

My grandson called all in a whuffle because he is being kicked out of his mother's house because apparently he threw something at her and gave her a black eye. Oh lovely. He wanted us to take him in but we said no. He was very dramatic, saying this was goodbye forever. OK, I said. When someone gets your sympathy and then later you find out they were lying to get you to send money, give them things or whatever, it is hard to believe them for a long time afterward.

Young Geoffrion appeared in gmail out of the blue. She may be home soon, which would be delightful.

I read some of Osprey's recent blogposts and was especially disheartened by her statement that she would have left Second Life long ago if she had her health. I felt bad at first, because I have not lost my health and I am still in SL, but then I realized that if it were not for Osprey, I would have left long ago myself. She has an inner source of ideas that never seems to dry up. She is witty and compassionate and funny. I have other friends but she is very special.

Gads. Then HWMNBMIMB went to bed early and I was shut out of the PC because it disturbs his rest. So it was an odd day.

Oh, and it was chilly and wet, and I woke up with a sinus headache that extended down my back and shoulders, and it never went away.

From a Tiny Studio ...

My machinima is finished, and will be entered in the Tiny Film Festival! Thanks to all the dedicated Tiny actors who made this possible!