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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brain Bank

Intellectual Ventures
is a small company that works on inventing solutions to various problems. The staff is a group of extremely bright people who sit around and invent stuff! Yes, and they have already come up with simple, effective and inexpensive solutions to knotty problems, including global warming. Check em out!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Close Enounter of the Unpleasant Kind

I was working on something for my movie "Tiny Alien Invasion" when a woman appeared on my deck.

She spoke to me in IM, and I asked why. I said, "Are you new?" she said no, she wasn't, and I asked her to speak in chat. She did that, and then said she did not speak English very well. I asked what language she did speak and she said Spanish. I told her in Spanish that I only know a little of that language. She said we could speak English.

I had my Prim Finder out, to look for an interesting shape. I had just begun rezzing something fun when suddenly another shape rezzed on top of mine.

I asked this woman if she had touched the Prim Finder and she said yes :). I said please don't, I am working on something.

She said, "You are very estupid" and I replied, "get lost". She poofed and I banned her.

Then I said in Spanish, in her IM, "You are very rude and you are not welcome in my house." Just now I received her reply ... "sorry :)"

I think an insincere apology is almost worse than none at all. I think she does not like being banned and hopes that I will let her wander over again and fool with my work. Oh sure, and hell is even now freezing over.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today's Studio Work

I am still fiddling with Snake River I, trying to get closer to what I feel. This photo is darker than the painting, but gets the idea across. I increased the contrast on the mountain edges, lightened the blue, made the clouds less red-violet, added red-orange to the branches and trunks of the trees, and made the background hill red-orange again.
I feel finished, but I have felt that way about this painting before, then changed my mind, so I will have to live with it to find out if it wants me to do more.

Monday, January 18, 2010

the Old and the New

The image on the left is what the Yellowstone Falls painting looked like today when I started working on it. On the right is the painting as it is now. It is not finished, but I like the way it is going.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sonabai Rajawar

Sonabai Rajawar is a self-taught artist who lived in isolation for fifteen years, and whose work is now highly regarded in India and elsewhere. Her work can be seen at the Mingei International Museum in San Diego, CA, USA until September 5, 2010.


In the Enneagram system of personality typing, I am a Seven (surprise, surprise!):

Type Seven in Brief

Sevens are extroverted, optimistic, versatile, and spontaneous. Playful, high-spirited, and practical, they can also misapply their many talents, becoming over- extended, scattered, and undisciplined. They constantly seek new and exciting experiences, but can become distracted and exhausted by staying on the go. They typically have problems with impatience and impulsiveness. At their Best: they focus their talents on worthwhile goals, becoming appreciative, joyous, and satisfied.

Google Takes a Hard-Line Approach to China, Will Stop Censoring Search Results

Google Takes a Hard-Line Approach to China, Will Stop Censoring Search Results

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


These three stags were hanging out together in The Endless Forest ... same antlers, masks and coats. Another one just like them was lying on top of the rock fountain (! not sure how it got up there!).

Monday, January 11, 2010

Interstellar Travel Guide

While I was making a Tiny Martian Space Suit, I asked Osprey what she would put on the utility belt. She suggested several things, among them a travel guide. This is what I came up with. I have been having a great time working on the spacecraft and suits.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm Ready for my Closeup, Mr. DeMille!

Osprey, Lucy and I made aliens in Second Life at Unknown Worlds, which was very enjoyable. They coincidentally fit into our Space Bug vehicles, so I captured one of mine seated in my bug!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Imaginarium ....

I HAVE to see this!

Weathering the Cold

The sun is up, and the temperature is rising. Once it gets above freezing, I will go out and take the sheets off the tender shrubs. Poor things! They are not really happy with this cold snap (I am not either)!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Am I Blue?

It's fixing to come a blue norther!

It is still 46 F (8 C) here, though very windy, but as the day goes on that big red-violet area will push down and we are in for a hard freeze for a day and a half. I have to put sheets over our shrubs, as they are not used to this kind of cold. Tender, as they say (kinda like moi, a cold weeny).

They're All The Rage!

Yes, wristsocks, the invention of the decade! Just take one pair of socks that are too tight on the ankles, cut an opening for the thumb at what was intended to be the heel area, cut off the toe end, and voila! You have wrist warming gear to keep your hands and wrists warm and cozy. The fingers are free for typing and grabbing stuff.

OR you can use it as a gauntlet mitten!

Me Hunter Woman!

I am now reading The Genotype Diet by the dude who wrote Eat Right 4 Your Type.

In this book, he says there are six types, and I fit the Hunter model. Description: reactive, adversarial, and opportunistic. BWAHAHAH! I told Osprey I was a Hunter and she said (imagine deadpan but in IM) surprise.

Trying to quit eating wheat, dairy, and ramp up the superfoods for my type. I can haz pears!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Cultural Musing on the Decade

My view of selected aspects of recent decades:

In the late 60s and early 70s, the culture of the US changed drastically, between Black Liberation, Women's Liberation, the Anti-War Movement, the Vietnam War itself, drugs, sex and rock and roll, hippies, and the Environmental Movement. The riots, the war, the confusion and anger were mixed with a sense that something very different was sweeping over us all. The walls between people who were of different cultures were crumbling and it was refreshing. Some people took their disapproval of The War out on the soldiers, which was a tragic, narrow and foolish view.

In the 80s, the conservatives worked hard to discredit the environmentalists. The term "tree-hugger" was an expression used with a scornful tone of voice, and feminists were considered to be emasculating men. Both movements were blamed for economic problems. There was a big upsurge of fundamentalist Christianity, and those particular Christians expressed themselves in strong disapproval of everyone unlike themselves. Socialism was tainted by the failure of communism.

Wars became smaller and less public. The lesson of Vietnam for the US military seemed to be "don't let them see people bleed, or we will lose their support". Television coverage of the wars was minimal and began to appear more and more like video games. Meanwhile, people seemed to give up the idea that we could reach the idealistic goals we sought to embrace during the 60s / 70s, and people became more and more competitive, narcissistic, and superficial, which was reflected by music, which became less and less individualized and more and more corporate, and innocuous.

The 90s continued the trends of the 80s, with more and more conspicious greed and consumption, but the tide was clearly turning if anyone was looking for it.

In the Zeros, things have been moving back the other way. Although there are two US war zones, very few of us blame the soldiers; we may or may not grasp the machinations underlying the industry of war, but we understand that we have very little control over where our troops are sent and why. We have finally seen American Black people and women in high positions in our government, where they are acting very much the same ways as white men do; people are not all that different.

Music has gone into a much more individualistic phase again, because of the internet. The freedom to create and distribute is unlimited. The internet has connected people of all cultures and countries, in a profound and positive change. Yes, of course, there are still criminals and sociopaths, but that is inevitable.

There is a global culture emerging that is not under anyone's direct control. Power has moved steadily downward on what could be described as a pyramid, over my lifetime.* The environment and the rights of people of varying colors, cultures, religions and genders, are more and more coming to everyone's attention, no matter where injustice is occurring. Pressure is being applied by very large numbers of people, to redress these wrongs.

The average age around the world is younger and younger. This means that there is a fresh viewpoint, as there was during the localized "youth culture" phenomenon of the Baby Boomer generation in the US and Western Europe.

Creativity is abundant, and the problems we face are global. More and more it is dawning on humanity that we are in this together, and unless we address our problems in a unified manner, we could annihilate ourselves. The planet itself would survive our passing, and very likely, there would be humans in tiny pockets, living in simple ways. This is the moment of global bloom. It is a huge opportunity for all of us.

Happy New Year, Twenty-Ten!

*Pyramid: Feudal = Aristocratic minority with kings on top; Capitalism = larger minority manipulating majority; Whatever we are doing now: more and more choices, more and more individual power