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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beyond the Portal of Anguish

Gilbert voices feelings that are very familiar to me, as I am sure they are to anyone else who works in a creative field; we are told that the inspiration is from inside ourselves, whereas historically in ancient times, it was attributed to a transcendent source. This is a very affirming video for anyone who writes, paints, dances, makes video, or does any sort of creative work.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Longest Solar Eclipse Wednesday!

The longest solar eclipse of the 21st centuryhappens Wednesday! It will be a full solar eclipse over many parts of Asia. See the path in an animated clip here.

NASA maintains an eclipse website here as well.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Guestroom Curtains Hung

I finally hung the rod and put up the new curtains in the guest room. I had to turn on all the lights to get this shot of them. There is still a lot of light coming in.

Monday, July 13, 2009

They Get Around

Artists recycle a lot of stuff, including packaging, materials to make things with, and just stuff.

In this case, these boxes arrived here with art supplies, or paintings that did not sell, and now they are going out again to a gallery, filled with three new paintings. Bon Voyage!

Stewart Brand Talks at TED

I have great admiration for Stewart Brand, an environmentalist from Way Back. His talk may be disturbing to viewers who have cherished beliefs about what is best for the Earth and Humanity.

The Process

I remember in art school they said, "only paint if you have to". I have to.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Aspens Better Image Color

This was shot using the new digital camera, which has an adjustment to compensate for using my tungsten floodlight bulbs. It had to be reduced in size to post on the blog, so it is less detailed than it will be on the website, but that is where it is going next.

I fiddled around with the camera, the tripod and so on, and though I still ended up with a bit of distortion (the bottoms of the paintings keep being narrower than the tops, so I end up cutting off a tiny bit of the sides at the tops), I have mostly learned the new method.

I thought I had ruined the quick release camera mount on the tripod, then later saw that I had the mount on backwards on the camera. Fixed that, and bingo! it snapped right in.

Now I can ship this baby to a gallery!

Man Bites Dog!

Now we are in the realm of famous joke headlines like "Man Bites Dog", but this comes from Amazing Facts

"Shotgun-wielding snake shoots hunter
Iranian hunter Ali-Asghar Ahani was shot to death on April 23, 1990, by the snake he was trying to catch. Ahani tried to pin the snake with the butt of his double-barreled shotgun behind its head, but the writhing reptile coiled itself into the trigger guard and fired the weapon, shooting Ahani in the head. According to the official Islamic Republic News Agency, another hunter then tried to grab the shotgun, causing the struggling snake to fire the other barrel and nearly shoot him as well"

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Frozen River

Desperation is palpable in this movie of the dark cold northern border of New York State. The two women are desperately trying to give their children a decent life, and the illegal aliens they smuggle across the border are desperate for the chance of a decent life as well.

Melissa Leo portrays a mother of two whose husband is a gambling addict. Misty Upham is Lila Littlewolf, whose story I will leave for you to discover during the movie. Their lives are entwined through circumstances and they become partners in crime.

There is a lot of darkness on the screen and at times we are not sure where we are at all. It is true to life in the far north, where at Christmas time it seems there is only darkness, with a brief window of light each day.

Good News, Bad News, Good News , Bad ...

Today I finally looked at the National Park Service Artist-in-Residence page and most of the deadlines are past.

However, the one for Denali National Park (in Alaska) was doable and electronic, so I clicked on the link and ended up at Cafe, an international Call for Entries site. There have been publications in the past that have notified me of juried competitions, artist-in-residence opportunities and so on, but this is now, and it is much faster and easier.

I had images of six paintings to upload. I read all the requirements, uploaded and sent in my application.

Two things came out of it. One, I am now registered at Cafe, which will alert me of opportunities to enter competitions, and also as I read the image prep area of the site, I realized that I could now shoot my own images, and skip the entire slides-to-digital step!

OK now for the bad news. It said they recommended using a 4-5 megapixel digital camera, and not to use a camera that is less than 3.2 megapixels. Well my old digital camera is less than that. It also has a battery compartment door that will not lock closed. The images I had uploaded were done with my iPhone, which is only a hand-held camera, and the lighting on them was not so hot. So I had to buy a new camera.

GOOD NEWS! Like all electronics, they are smaller, easier to use and less expensive than ever. I have a good tripod and floodlights, which I used to use with my Canon all-manual single-lens reflex. I love that camera, but it is terribly heavy to carry. I got a Canon again, and once the battery is charged, I will shoot all my current work myself. This will save weeks in the process of getting pieces ready to ship out! And I can upload good digital images of my work to my website and to the blog. I have been using simple iPhone shots of the work, which means the color is not accurate, I usually cannot get the painting image straight, and the resolution is too low. So all in all, a good change.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Anvil Top!

This photo was taken in the evening, after we had had a lot of thunder in our area, and some rain nearby. The "anvil top", a definite storm cloud configuration, is moving north and west, leaving us behind without raining on us.

My Libraries: Artbooks

These swaybacked shelves are groaning under the weight of the art books I have not discarded. There are reference books on the top right, images of animals, clouds and so on. Art theory on the top left; Middle right is art techniques. On the lower shelf are monographs, that is, picture books of various individual artists, books about art "movements", and some survey books about art through the centuries, focusing primarily on the Western European and American tradition.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Being Rash ...

...I wore this necklace almost every day on our Grand Canyon vacation, and at the end I had a red, raw rash on my throat that hurt and itched. I misidentified it as a sun rash. Monday I wore the necklace again, and the rash came right back, so it must have nickel in the chain.

I will have to wear it over clothing from now on, drat it all. It is to elaborate to have restrung on silver chain. It would take the patience of Job and a wheelbarrow-full of money!

You Can't Hide Your Lion Eyes!

My excuse is, hba wanted a lion act of some sort. I fooled around and made a lion outfit. Except for the insane yarn-y mane, it looks a LOT like a regular furry. I hope there is some sort of really funny thing for this lion to do. Oh there is a lioness outfit as well.

Here the lion is posing as Michelangelo's David in Young Geoffrion's round temple. Obviously egotistic!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

OK That's Enough Already!

I did just a few touches on this painting, and finally I will take it to the photographer this week, and ship it out once it is back.

Aspens Again?

I was fooling around with the aspen trunks and then I had unify them with a pale green wash on the trunks. Now the interest is where it was for me at the time, on the distinctive white slender trunks (all one organism, by the way, not individual trees, botanically), and the yellow green of the leaves.

Radio Paradise on iPhone!

I really enjoy Radio Paradise, and today when I visited, I wandered "below the fold", below the immediately visible area of the home page, and there, next to the visitor map, was a little part that said RP on iPhone! Of course, I immediately got the FREE app, and now it is playing on the phone! Wherever I can get wireless internet, I will have my tunes. I had asked them about satellite radio (which I do not have but would get if they were on it), but they cannot afford it. This way they are not spending more to broadcast, and I am able to listen to this really eclectic mix of music; I hear new performers and songs that I would never have found otherwise. Sweeeeet!

Friday, July 03, 2009

WARNING: Heartwarming Movie!

This movie has it in spades! Orphans, nuns, angels, beauty (Janet Leigh) and the beast (Paul Douglas).

Osprey, NEVER watch this film. It is so heartwarming you will puke your guts out!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

36 Hours

From 1965, the story of an American spy captured by the Nazis a few days before the planned D-Day, June 5, 1944. James Garner is believable, Eva Marie Sainte not quite so much, and Rod Taylor, who is not always well cast, does a good job in this thriller.

I would rate it a decent movie. It kept my interest to the end, though some of the events were predictable.

SEED Magazine

I bought this very slick magazine, which is printed on heavy paper stock, because it was intriguing. The subtitle is SCIENCE IS CULTURE, and inside it deals with overpopulation, climate change, why we buy crap, and other sort of environmentally-concerned issues.

Available in a digital version at SEEDMAGAZINE.COM., it is well written, and in the June issue pictured here, there are gorgeous black and white photographs of meteorite impact sites around the world.
About this cover* image it says: "A crowd's long shadows create a visual effect reminiscent of electrophoresis, wherein particles dispersed in a fluid migrate under the influence of an electric field". Huh! Who knew?

*Sorry about the phone number and the Second Life coordinates I scribbled on the cover. That is what comes of leaving things on the computer desk too long before scanning them.

Cattle Call!

The Show Must Go On! is looking for A Few Good Yaks. Hair colors available, above. Custom hair color upon request. Folder will include shape, skin, eyes, hair, and The Yak body itself. Each Yak will have his or her own Ballerina AO, with which to dance in Sir Thomas Beecham's Gnu Ballet.

Apply in person at the Eleanor Airship Theatre, Phobos.