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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

... In the evening, ain't we got fun?

Yes, I have a popcorn jones. The popcorn maker is a
Whirley Pop hand-cranked stove-top popper. It makes fabulous popcorn, and reminds me of my Dad at the same time. He used an old dented pot with a lid and side handles, and just shook the pan from side to side, but he had a gas stove, too. This adaptation works well for me, but for those who really want to go at it old skool, see below. My feast above is the resulting popped corn from using 1/3 cup of kernels.

Dad's Popping Method:

1. put 1 Tablespoon oil (sunflower is great) into good-sized light-weight pan, along with three kernels of popcorn. Cover pan, shake, wait and listen.

2. Once all three kernels pop, put in the rest of the corn kernels (1/2 cup), and shake till the popping slows to two seconds between pops, then remove from heat, salt, and eat. (Butter is optional, must be melted and poured over corn immediately and whole pan shaken to coat all kernels and not just cook a few kernels into weird styrofoam-like shapes.)

The popcorn is from
Fireworks Popcorn, and I buy it by the 15-pound pail, and my favorite variety is High Mountain Midnight. It is a large, fluffy, flavorful popcorn. MMMMMM.

Popcorn Lovers also features a
microwave popper which works well, although not all of the kernels pop in our microwave. The advantage of using your own is that you do not have all that congealed grease in the package, and you choose the amount of salt you put on it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

La Vida Loca(rb)

I love a breakfast with fresh ingredients ...

mmmmm sauteed veggies and eggs ...

with some salsa picante to jazz it up and tea in the Joie de vivre! cup. I AM GOOD TO GO!

Heaven's Here On Earth

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cellphone's Dead

Full Porcelain Jacket

Yesterday I had my full porcelain crown put on and it feels like a real tooth to my mouth.

in the past I had metal crowns with porcelain on them, and they felt strange for weeks or even months after they were put in; they were sensitive to cold and heat and just felt like they were not quite right. I got used to them and now I do not notice, but it took a while.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Wow, two Love Festivals in a row! Friday the 13th, for me, is a day when the Feminine is celebrated (the "Church" frowned upon such matters and circulated the bad luck idea, I believe). Friday = Freya's Day = Venus Day, and 13 = the number of lunar months in a year, so a day of the Moon. The Moon and Venus are major symbols of the Feminine Powers of the Universe.

Following right on Her heels is Valentine's Day, when red, the color of Mars, the heart, a feminine emblem, and arrows, Mars again, symbolize the clandestine love of Mars and Venus. It doesn't GET any more romantic!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feet Up

Now the naturopath said (and I finallly recalled that I knew this before) to rest and let the fascia heel ... er, heal, so I have been lying in bed for days now.

The prophetic dude said life transition, loneliness. Wow, in spades, man. Osprey has resigned as director of TSMGO and is now absent all the time, Gordon is sleeping early, yoga class is on hiatus, I can't walk the dog, I have to keep my feet up and now I am alone with myself. Nothing wrong with it, but I seem to have forgotten how to amuse myself when bedridden. It has been a while, so I have to re-learn it, without pestering everyone I know.

Resting is helping but I need exercise. Tomorrow, I will swim; I promise.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Foot Prescription

My complaint was
plantar fasciitis. It hs gotten worse in spite of lots of daily stretching. I can't blame my shoes, by the way. I have been wearing only "sensible" shoes for decades. I even switched to Earth Shoes recently, which I love, and find wonderfully comfortable. I must be on the verge of some big life change? (I have already gone through a few ...)

From left to right: [my vitamin C drink], buffered vitamin C powder, Bone Strength, Every Woman multivitamins, Rhus Toxicodendron homeopathic remedy, Milk Thistle capsules, Thyroid Plus, a tincture to aid digestion (tastes absolutely vile), vitamin B12 sublingual spray, castor oil, trauma oil, and Topricin (a mushroom preparation which I had already been using, I confess).

Here is the prescription! Well, clearly the naturopath decided to pump up my general health. She said eat more protein (no problem), and prescribed all these liquids, powder, oils, tablets and capsules!