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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Be Careful What You WIsh For!

This maple was always weak, it seemed to me, shedding branches regularly. Finally I asked a tree surgeon and he said that it was the squirrels eating the bark that weakened the limbs. I thought of having it cut down, but since it was large, it would have been expensive. Well, now we are going to have to cut it down thanks to our pal Ike.

The crape myrtle to the right has a lot of damage as well, but it will recover I am sure. Directly behind the maple is a crape myrtle we cut down last year. We even had the stump ground so it would not come back, but ... well they are feisty little characters!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Equinox Everyone!

Today everywhere on our planet there are 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. Two times a year we are all on the same schedule. In between each place is a little bit different. Happy Spring, South America, Australia and New Zealand! We will be enjoying our autumn and preparing for winter in the Northern Hemisphere, of course.

This is, according to some, a good time to make changes in one's life, to decide what one needs to work on for the coming 6-month cycle, whether the sunlight is increasing or decreasing.

Astrologer Robert Wilkinson says:

"The 2008 Autumn Equinox falls at 8:45 am PDT on 22 September, 4:45 pm GDT, and early Sept 23 in Eastern Australia and Oceana .... The chart done for the that point in time is said to offer a snapshot of the cosmic and literal weather we can expect over the next 3 months. It seems it will be a fairly auspicious if portentous Autumn, since there are a host of great aspects along with prominent septile (fork in the road) indicators. The Moon makes a mixed bag of aspects, long range oppositions are indicated, with a very strong productive spiritual balancing indicated these next 3 months.

... With the planetary distribution as it is, it looks to be a "Locomotive" Jones pattern, with a "Bucket" shading throwing the handle to the Moon at 6 Cancer. A Locomotive is a chart with 2/3 of the signs set off against a void 1/3 that represents a lack or a need, a job to be done or a problem to be solved in the world. It shows a dynamic practicality and is moved by externals to address the void. This void falls between 21 Pisces and 6 Cancer.

Where this span falls in our charts will be where we are move to act or accomplish something. Where the void falls in various cities shows what must be addressed or acted upon by all in that location in general."

To read his entire post, which is worthwhile but lengthy, go here.

Our House

This is our house (on the left, one story). The maple is lying on the curb in chunks, and there are bags of leaves we swept up or raked, plus a lot of maple branches on the right. It is going to take a long time for the city to deal with all these downed trees, but we were so lucky. A lot of people in Galveston had their houses destroyed, as most people have seen on the news.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Yeah Ya Go Back, Jack ...

We are back in Jackson Hole at a lovely motel with this view out from our porch. Our return flights were cancelled, so we are here "stranded" (oh, can I handle this place? DOH yes) until we depart on Sunday morning to return to who knows what at home.

My biggest worry is our dog, in a kennel down there. We did not even know about Ike going to Houston until yesterday afternoon, because there was no internet, no TV and no cell phone coverage in Yellowstone. The last thing we had heard was that he was headed for the Rio Grande Valley, but noooooo ... my family is there but well inland. The house, you ask? Who knows. We will have to see how it goes.

Friday, September 05, 2008

The Tetons

We arrived in Jackson, Wyoming yesterday afternoon, and today we visited the Grand Tetons National Park. I got a lifetime pass for our national parks and it covered our car and my husband as well! How great is that? So I joined the Grand Tetons Association to give a little back.