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Friday, December 26, 2008

And Why Not?

The image on this tall strip of canvas has been haunting me, so I had to get it out. I have attempted to portray what is termed "mezla"* before, with little success. This may also turn out to be a blind alley, but when I got down a folded piece of canvas to make a new stretched canvas, it unfolded into this long strip and suddenly I thought, "well, why not? Why not tack it to the wall and paint on it unprimed? After all, acrylics can do that!" So here it is, and I like it now. I hope I will like it later also ... but who knows?

Mezla: The flow of energy, consciousness, and matter through its various phases of expression in the Tree of Life, from subtle unity of the absolute to the dense realm of matter.source: Kabbalah for Health & Wellness, Mark Stavish (Llewellyn Publications)

The Family Gathers

Lord and Master with The Bear



(l-r) Kirk, Panda, Valari and Me

(l-r) Jasmine and Leila Departing

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Illustration: Jawbone of a beaver

Bwahahaha I bet you thought this was MY jawbone, but no .....

I had a tiny sore spot on the back of my gums next to my tongue, which did not seem to get any better (or worse), so I called the dentist today to see if he could tell me what it was.

Turns out it was a bone spicule, as he said, "trying to work its way out" through my gums. He wriggled it and carved at it until finally it came off and now my traumatized gums are recovering nicely, thank you.

Also turns out this could be related to the medication I take for bone loss (? modern medicine ?).

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

They Swim, Too!

After having seen a lot of bison in Yellowstone, we witnessed a small herd swimming across the Yellowstone River near Fishing Bridge. It was a wonderful sight, and here it is immortalized (well, blobbed anyway). I now know how people feel they can pet these wild animals. They are amazingly casual about humans, which leads us to fall under the spell that they must be tame, because they have no fear. Story goes one man grabbed a bison's head hair and the bull turned the man's car over into the ditch.