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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bad Breath!

The indoor composter has breath that would kill a mule at twenty paces. I now need a pot of some kind to put all the scraps in so that I can open it a maximum of once every 24 hours. PEEYOO as we used to say!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The Endless Forest pond has always been a gathering place for stags and fawns alike. Today I went in and found that everyone was lying down in the pond. As I ran over there to join then I saw that there were koi in the pond! This was new to me, but I have not been in the Forest for a while, and also I may have never spotted them before.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Snapshot of Today's Computer

Some time this week or next I will receive my replacement computer. For now this is a Frankenstein-ish setup. I have two RAID 0 volumes, both Degraded. I put in my spare hard drive, and formatted it, and somehow I made this work. The disk I left in from the old setup is still there, and now it says it is healthy (do I believe it? Yes, because I have all my data, amazingly!) I printed out this screen so that I can recreate my software from a visual clue.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Holy Stags in Rainy Forest!

When I entered the forest this morning it was raining. When I arose from sleep, I was amazed to find I am also a new stag in the Endless Forest! I read Osprey's blog and I knew that soon I would become a stag as well, but I did not expect it to be this soon ... I have the standard low bellow. Some stags have other voices, so I wonder if my voice will change one day.


I somehow come to own a magnificent estate in France. The current owner is leaving and I am looking around the house. I find a carpeted room with three dogs in it: a full-size collie, and two shetland sheepdogs, one of which is elderly. The carpet in that room is infested with black-and-white striped insects. I fly above the carpet to avoid having them crawl on my feet and legs. The insects trail after me over the carpet as I fly away.
As she leaves, the former owner tells me I will have all the staff there with me. I worry about paying them, but they assure me that the estate makes plenty of money to support us all.
Then I am told that the sister of the former owner will remain, as will the three dogs. I plan to have that carpeting removed. I am annoyed with the former owner.

Committee of Crows

These six crows had various loud meetings, disputes and discussions yesterday and I wish I knew what they talked about. There were stalkings and chasings as well.

Desert Rose in Bloom

One of my yoga teachers, Joyce, maintains a patio garden outside the Houston Iyengar Yoga Studio, and when it began to bloom, she brought this plant in for us to enjoy. She said it is called the desert rose. It looks very bare most of the year, then has these spectacular blooms for about two weeks.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Human Age Invades Seabrook, Texas

T.H. Seafood (aka Trouthead Seafood?) ... In the Celtic Age of Human Age, our medium of exchange is troutheads, abbreviated to th or T.H. ... are these Celts who have somehow transmigrated from an online game to what we fondly and idiotically refer to as Real Life? Just a wondering thought.