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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The other night I was talking with someone who said he felt he is an anarchist, since he distrusts governments of all kinds. I looked up the definition of anarchism, which said that an anarchist believes there should be no governments at all.

This brought me to thinking about socialism, communism, and capitalism, much more popular ISMs in our world today ... each of them is good in some ways and not so hot in others. Each one of these, and anarchism as well, would work just fine if the human beings involved were what we currently think of as "enlightened".

Socialism: Let those who are physically and mentally capable take care of those who are not. Of course!

Capitalism: Free trade without the underlying manipulation and greed? Why not?

Communism: From each according to his capabilities, to each according to his needs. Sure!

Anarchism: No need to govern those who are emotionally mature and capable of using their inner sense of ethics to govern themselves.

I think that there is some distance to go (laughs hideously). If each of us saw ourselves as part of One BEING, any system would work perfectly well. No need for politics or religion, because All =One, which means that the Mind of the Universe operates freely in all, and the compassion and strength of That Mind permeates all actions.

Monday, October 29, 2007

737 Swan

As the 737 took flight I had this image of it as a large swan. The pentagrams are my addition. I am not sure if this is a painting in the making, or just this digital sketch, period.

Friday, October 26, 2007


sOMETIMES HaViNG aN exAGGerated sTartLE resPoNSE iS a liAbiLIty. yES i spILleD my tEa ON mY bLAsTeD kEYbOArD aGAiN. , lUckILy I hAd tHIs cOOl ligHtEd spARe oN hAnD, tHAnkS to OsPReY wHo suGgeSTtEd it aS a qUIetT lighTEd oNE tHAt wOUlD nOt distUrB nOd tOO mUcH lATe aT nIGht. CRAP I HATE RUINING THINGS.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

TV Shows I Really Like!

For many years I have found most television shows boring, stupid, or just horrendous. There were years I did without a TV set because I felt more alive. Last year, the available fare changed a bit, and this year, things are even better!

My Name Is Earl: For those of you who do not know, the premise is, this trashy criminal finds out about the concept of karma, makes a list of all the terrible things he has done to people around him, and sets out to make amends.

Chuck: A computer consultant at Buy More, who drives a VW Beetle with a Nerd Herd logo on the side, opens an email from a fiend he does not realize is in the CIA, and the contents of the email dump a huge load of images into his brain, making him a national security computer when the man is killed. The CIA and NSA fight over him, and he is accidentally heroic.

Pushing Daisies: A boy finds out he has the power to bring the dead back to life. He does not realize at first that there is a limit. He touches a dead person, then he must touch them again within one minute (rendering them re-dead permanently), or someone nearby dies! He forms a business with a private eye to have the dead tell who killed them. Then his childhood sweetheart is found dead, and of course he has to bring her back to life, but he can never, never touch her.

Reaper: A young man working at the Work Bench, a do-it-yourself warehouse place, finds out his parents sold his soul to the devil before he was born. The consequence is that he must work for the devil, on earth, as a sort of bounty hunter. He receives "vessels", absurd objects (a toaster, a remote-control car, a sweater) that are then used to round up the escaped evil souls who are going around killing people.

Samantha Who?: A young woman wakes up from an 8-day coma to find that she has retrograde amnesia. She slowly finds out that she was a thoroughly evil person, but she wants to rectify that, and begins trying to live differently in the same situations she was in before her car accident put her into the coma.

Life: A cop is framed and sent to prison for 12 years, and he becomes very very zen. He gets out and wins a huge settlement. He wants to find out who set him up and why, but in the meantime, he works as a cop again,and solves cases because his viewpoint is so different.

Home is the Shopper, Home from the Store

Today when I shopped for groceries I remembered to bring my cloth bags, which I frequently leave at home or in the car. The one on the left in the photo is a Vivian Kendall painting image silk-screened onto a cotton tote bag. The painting is one of the series she did of roadside shrines, and I admire it every time I use it. Thank you!


I had my indulgence morning. First a facial, and then a pedicure. Ah vanity, thy name is toenail!

In the process of the facial I learned that the woman doing it is, in her words, "very particular, and they all laugh at me. I think we should be clean, to protect the customers." Indeed, my friend! She asked me not to tell her employer, who is less fussy ... *gulp*

Yesterday a neighbor complained to me about a mutual neighbor whom we both see while walking our dogs. I had to agree that the woman is peculiar, and we swore one another to secrecy ... hmmm .... I wonder what she says about me?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Yesterday in yoga class the teacher said I was a trickster. I was joking, as I do frequently. My sun sign is Gemini, ruled by Mercury or Hermes. The other sign ruled by him is Virgo.

Hermes is the original trickster of Western European heritage. He is the Greek God of wanderers and thieves; he invented the lyre and the flute, and he is the "psychopomp", who aids souls in their journey from the world of the living to the world of the dead. He is the god of medicine, magic, communications, and a minor god of poetry.

I am reading a book by Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas, called The Luminaries. It explains that the astrological ruler of one's Sun sign is the god who engendered one. Therefore, this is my "godfather"!

So my solar myth is to be a communicator, to be intrigued by all things magical and medical and to be a trickster (who knew someone with a blog titled ElleCoyote would be a trickster?).

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Little Friend!

Yesterday I went out to Fry's electronics store, and purchased my very own external hard drive, seen here atop the CPU. Say hello to Maxtor 500G OneTouch4. He has two wires, one for power and one to plug into the SBU port. Do you see his glowing eye at the bottom? He must be related to Gort, Klatu's robot in The Day The Earth Stood Still. I hope he does not decide that the dog is a danger to galactic peace!

I did a backup of my documents, pictures, music and video yesterday. Today it did the automatic backup that I have scheduled, and (HOORAY, success at last!) it backed up only the new files and the ones that had been modified.

For a fairly modest cost I have eliminated a big problem. If and when my hard drive crashes, I can recover all my data!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Man of Sorrows Painting

I do not know if I am finished with this painting or not. I will let it dry and see how I feel. It has a lot of the feeling of the digital sketch, so that makes me happy.

Friday, October 12, 2007

ElleCoyote Recycling Awards

I just received some filters from Gaiam, a company that sells yoga equipment, organic cotton items, filters, and sustainable products.

The packing was innovative (well, I have never seen this type before); cardboard that had been run through some sort of shredder which made it quite malleable.

Coming in at second place was Horizon Milk, which seems to be going back to paper cartons and taking off the plastic pour spout. I am not sure they are doing this ... I got one without a spout, then at the grocery store I got one with a spout. Are they just confused? I am hoping they are eliminating the plastic, so I am giving them this award to encourage that sort of behavior.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

On the Road Again!

I spent the day with Patrick, helping him to get On the Road ... he now has a Valid License, A Truck with Valid License Plates, Good Tires, Inspection Sticker, and a Tank Full of Gasoline.

If this was not a gift from God .... I dunno what is. Patrick has been struggling for 9 months to get his driver's license reinstated, and has gone five times to try to get it at the DMV (locally named the DPS or Department of Public Safety), to no avail.

He is driving his brother Steve's 1971 Ford F-100, flat black, no rear bumper, which has a Lot of Stickers on it. Several for Number Twenty (Tony Stewart, of Stock Car Fame), and some for Harley-Davidson (Patrick's), and The United States Marines (Steve).

Ride On!!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Man of Sorrows

I did this digital sketch based upon Robyn's dream image ... her dream made me think of Steve, with his three heart surgeries transformed by the dream into the Three of Swords in the Rider deck.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Name Calling

One of the issues I have fought for a very long time is name-calling, especially adults calling children or adolescents names. This is a very potent method of destroying self-esteem. Equating a human being with a body part, you know the words, or excrement, or describing them as someone who is mentally deficient, damages the person, or at the very least is defamation.

I try very hard not to do this, although I have used these names myself and sometimes TO myself. People who are called names in childhood or adolescence internalize these labels and live them out, especially if the names are repeated frequently.

My two sons and daughter were told they were worthless, in many different ways, and many times, during their childhood.

I think that has a lot to do with their struggle for self-esteem. Steve recovered somewhat from this painful and destructive programming, but not before he acted in self- and other-destructive ways.

Please let us try to refrain from name-calling. There is no good that comes from it, and it can do a lot of damage.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Today is the first anniversary of Steve's death, and I want to mark this day with celebration of his life.

Here, if you can't see in the small photo, he is wearing goofy fake teeth, and pointing at his set of 7 Scrabble letters, one W and 6 O's. He is wearing his beloved Houston Astros jersey.

This is from the Christmas before last, so 2005, after he had a long, terrible fever with Strep Throat (July 2005), 6 weeks of self-administered IV antibiotics, the first open-heart surgery to replace his mitral valve (September 2005), and the second replacement of the same valve (October 2005) because the first one failed.

Steve and Pat

Pat and Steve will forever be linked in my memories, of course, because they were only about 18 months apart in age. We won't go into the whole "two in cloth diapers" scene, but you can imagine.

Now they are also linked because Steve died the day after Pat's 40th birthday. Today is Pat's 41st, and tomorrow is the first anniversary of Steve's death.

I had a dream of Steve, in which I was at a family get-together, where we had cupcakes mounded with frosting. Steve was there, singing (something I don't recall him doing). I said, "I might have known if we had cupcakes, you would come back!" We laughed with joy.