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Saturday, July 11, 2015

There's Something Happening Here ...

Masked Unmasked!
And yes, "What it is ain't exactly clear..." I put a layer of Soft Gel (gloss) on this painting yesterday, brushing it horizontally so that it is a clear shiny layer that I will use to create a water image overlay. Overnight it dried and lo and behold, the image has changed! This is truly a happy accident.

Here is how it went:

I did a Photo Booth image of myself with a scarf around my head and over my mouth and part of my nose. I cut out the area around the eyes and collaged it onto a canvas that was previously painted with dark blue, leaving the center area unpainted. Then I painted over the entire area with blue-green, leaving the eye area uncovered. I put in the head and ear, eyebrows and third eye in red-orange. Then I wiped the blue-green off the white rippling area to the left, so that it looks like sound going into my ear. I used that image to experiment in Photoshop, and decided to put on a layer of glossy gel to float the paint that will represent water. Now the edges of the collaged inkjet print came up to the surface, in a sort of pentimento effect. I really like it. I had noticed how the rectangle looked something like a mask, but very subtle. Now it is there! Magical things happen in the painting process.

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