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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Studio Experiments

Glassy Acrylic Pours

Regular Gel Experiment: Golden (lower left) vs. Utrecht (upper right)
Because I was busy dealing with a family crisis (my son's motorcycle accident and subsequent surgery), I have not spent a lot of time in the studio this week.

I did do a couple of experiments. The top one was partially successful. I poured red-tinted soft gel into the heart shape, and it came out clear, bright, smooth and glassy. The pour into the outer ring was not as successful. I think I did not add enough water to the mixture, nor did I add enough color. So I have learned from this exercise.

On the blue plastic plate, I put smears of regular gel, one from Golden and one from Utrecht. I had noticed that the Utrecht gel took a long time to dry, and remained quite tacky even after it became clear. I found a sample jar of Golden Regular Gel, and used it to test the differences. Golden's gel is a bit thicker, and remains opaque in spots, but it is hard not very tacky. The Utrecht gel is still quite tacky and it has clearly not dried completely nor has it hardened.

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