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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Archaeology I and II

Archaeology I

Archaeology II
The top piece, Archaeology I, is so beautiful to my eye that I cannot bring myself to put another layer on it. I will have to live with it for some time before I know what to do next.

The bottom piece, Archaeology II, is fairly unattractive to me. The banana pudding look is gone, replaced by a shiny vomit appearance. The glittery X is now more visible. In order to create a boundary to pour in the gel, I used masking tape. It was an idea for pouring deeply. However, as the gel dries, it shrinks, pulling the masking tape inward towards the center. Now I am pondering how to build many layers without using a box like I have on the top piece. I considered a gallon milk jug, but that does not have a flat bottom. I will be looking around for a square plastic container that has a flat bottom, and which can be cut down to an inch or two on the sides. It would have to allow the release of the hardened gel. It might involve cutting the container away to get at the piece.

All experimental processes have these problems embedded in them, of course. I have several other ideas forming.

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