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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Oh Boy. Homework.

I often make color mixing charts to remind myself of the range that can be had from a selected palette. In this case, Orange is the warm color, with double split complementaries opposite. In other words, the complementary color for orange is blue, but it is absent. Instead there are two colors on either side of blue, Blue-Green and Green on one side, and Blue-Violet and Violet on the other. Here they are shown mixed with one another, and with white and black.

When I started this painting I was thinking it was blue green with warm colors, but then I realized that would not give me nearly the range of blues, violets and greens that I need for this subject. So I switched it up. And voila! I have about 4 other palette mixing charts in my notebook. This homework serves me well when I am casting about for a color that can work in a painting. It saves a lot of time, paint, and frustration. The actual palette choices are made using the Color Star of Johannes Itten.

Itten's Color Star
Color Star with Overlay I am using

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