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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fun with Gels ...

Suspended Wing

In the middle of the night, I woke with the definite idea of using a clear gel acrylic skin as a support for painting. Then all sorts of ideas began popping into my head. I wrote them down in Evernote. Then I used push pins to tack a clear gel skin I had already prepared onto the front of a cradled wood panel, using it as a sort of shadow box. I laid one of the older skins, from my attempts at making wings for Osprey, on top. I like it, but it is not interesting enough. In my woolgathering I imagined tiny lights inside the box, but that is probably not going to be my direction with this.

Today I did a set of concentric circles in clear tar gel (left). They will be "dams" between which I will pour self-leveling gel, to see if I can get a subtle differentiation between all the clear lines and areas between them. If they just meld completely, I will simply have a circle of clear gel to work on.

Then  I placed some of the other acrylic skins that were possible wings in the bottom of the wood panel shadow box (right). I poured self-leveling gel over the skins, and now it will dry for at least a day. Then I hope I can suspend more skins on that layer and continue on in that way until the box is full. It may be interesting or it may just be another dead end. We shall see.

I also took the canvas off the painting of Osprey's face with the clear gel experiment on top of it (far left, under palette), but I saved it. It may be used in another piece in some manner. 

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