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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

An Afternoon at the Museum

I have decided I need exposure to the rest of the local art world, so I have declared every other Tuesday my Art Day. Yesterday I visited the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

Triumph of the Eucharist
Currently they have a show of restored Rubens paintings and gigantic tapestries based upon those paintings. There are videos showing the process of restoration, and one of the highlights of the video I saw was seeing varnish applied to the restored painting. The shining veil brings the color back to life in what seems like a miraculous way.
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Similar necklace to the one in the collection.
Another exhibition is selections from the Al-Sabah collection of Islamic art. There was an alembic and an astrolabe, which are fascinating objects and quite beautiful to view, as well as many woven pieces and spectacular jewelry, some carved with calligraphic writings.

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