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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Stages of Spiritual Unfoldment: Stage Six - Realization

 The Sixth Stage of Spiritual Unfoldment begins with awareness of differences, in this system, termed Discrimination. It means becoming conscious of subtle differences in the choices we make. We examine the opposites, here shown as the masculine and the feminine sides of our nature. In my opinion, this Key illustrates the heart (the Sun), the breath and lungs (Archangel Raphael in his cloud), the diaphragm (the mountain), and the two sides of the nervous system, the hot fiery aspect (the man with his fiery tree), and the cooler moist aspect (the woman with the Kundalini and ripening Inner Senses).  With each breath, we can take in Prana, which is distributed through the bloodstream and delivered to each cell of the body. It is what is known in alchemy as the gold. "To make gold (to become enlightened) you must take gold (absorb Prana from food, air and water)." The amount of Prana absorbed can be increased by imagining sunlight in each breath you take. It then feeds the brain and changes it for the better.

The way the body is altered is through the Death of our cells. Every moment, cells are dying and new ones are being born. Movement and change require deaths. Through these physical changes we are gradually reborn into a new body and a new world. If we are consciously aware of how benign death is, we assist the process of change. We begin to be aware of the Higher Self in our hearts.

The end of this process of change inside the body, which changes the mind, is a Realization living in Eternity, Here and Now. This realization is impossible to describe in words, even for those who have experienced it, and I cannot claim to have experienced it. It is beyond the everyday level of human experience. Once this Stage is attained, there is no more fear of Death, because we know we live forever, though our bodies come and go. We build one, experience what we need to learn, then move on, to build another body, for another lesson in this physical plane, the plane of Change. Between incarnations, we absorb the lessons we have received, and prepare for the next ones.

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