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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

In Memoriam: Vivian Kendall / Osprey Therian, 1953 - 2013

Osprey/Vivian with friends December 7, 2013.

Osprey Therian /Vivian Kendall was my friend and collaborator for nearly ten years. I will miss her more than words can express, and I am one of many friends who benefited from associating with her in Second Life.

Osprey was an amazing creative force in a number of groups on Second Life, designing costumes, designing and building sword-fighting arenas, a theatre; making videos; learning to do all the different methods of making objects; collaborating with me and others to design books.

She created a photography studio with backdrops where anyone could pose and take their own photo. She organized a photo contest with a different theme every month, building backdrops for them that everyone could use. She organized gallery shows inworld. She did her own photography and worked with Photoshop to create a deck of various sword fighters in their costumes and personae, with poses that reflected their special attack or defense moves, with differing backgrounds to show them off to their best advantage. I have a deck of those cards they had printed, and they are in use in Second Life in virtual form.

She was always courageous and bold, and was kind to everyone. She was firm and strict with us in The Show Must Go On, the variety show she organized in Second Life, or we would never have gotten it done. She had a great sense of humor and could express it in many different ways. She and I would get a dialogue going to brainstorm for some project and end up laughing till we cried, not once but many many times.

Before she came to Second Life, a period which began with her illness, she was very active in Real Life: she taught art at Wa He Lut, a Native American school; she was a painter and printmaker; she had horses and I have seen a photo of her on a horse jumping a barrier. She was athletic and creative and missed all that when she began to lose the use of her limbs. She seldom complained and did not mention her disability unless it was necessary to explain why she could not do some activity.

She was fiercely independent and solitary, spending many hours working on projects at her computer overlooking Summit Lake, surrounded by quirky and fun objects she had collected, and some of her paintings.

All in all, I feel privileged to have known Vivian Kendall / Osprey Therian. She will live in my heart forever.

Ellen McCormick Martens  /Enjah Mysterio


David Bollenberg said...

Hi Enj - I'm sending a big hug to you. You've lost a close friend in Os xx

Justin Esparza said...

Beautiful post, Enjah. It’s impossible to encapsulate all of who Osprey is in a blog post, but you have expressed your impressions and perspective so very well. So sorry that our friend is no longer so tangible. There is a separation now that may be many years in duration. My best thoughts and wishes are with you, David, Ilia, Marianne and the many many others who feel her loss so directly. She has set the bar high for us and now the show must go on.

Lucy and Mudpie said...

Thanks Enjah. I've never known anyone like her, so amazing a person, all those wonderful qualities came powerfully through her avatar(s), the only way I really knew her. She changed us for the better for sure.

Ilianexsi Sojourner said...

Beautifully said... she was such an amazing, creative person, I feel like I need to try to be more and learn more as a way of honoring her memory. Big hugs to you...