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Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Next Lifetime!

My sisters and brothers and I will live in a big rambling house with:

Secret passageways

Tunnels with railroad tracks to take us to the neighbors' houses

Dumbwaiters, some of which go to the roof, where there is a huge garden full of hydroponic vegetables and espaliered fruit trees

Laundry chutes to slide down, next to Dumbwaiters which facilitate easy return to upper floors

Parents who are generous relaxed souls who encourage creative experimentation

A chemical lab in the basement

A labyrinth in the garden

An attic full of hidden panels and old stuff no one knows how it got there like old musical instruments and books full of archaic symbols

A dirigible tethered to the roof

A library full of all sorts of books

Art supplies and carpentry bench and tools

lots of LOVE

1 comment:

J.N. said...

yes and really nice parents? love and kindness too. yes I will move into that future house.
me love you