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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rising Above the Cliches

I enjoyed this movie but was always aware that the writing could have been a lot better. The actors were superb; that and the setting made it watchable. There were the inevitable cliches of a movie about a diverse group of people in the same challenging situation.

Refreshing with a Small Exception

This movie is enjoyable to watch, until the theme from Vertigo intrudes, in its entirety. For me it was impossible to concentrate on the film; instead, visions of Kim Novak in her icy blonde getup, and Jimmy Stewart in his confused and fumbling detective role, kept distracting me.

Portrait of Bear by Leila

Liverpool Remembered

Friday, November 16, 2012

Osprey's Characters

Toots Plots with Lemuel Fenneq

Velveeta Hires Derrick to Investigate Slack's Untimely Demise

My Characters

Toots at Home

Slack's Corpse

Slack in the Tavern

Velveeta at Home

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Tower in Glitch

I need to memorialize my tower; Osprey and I had planned to use these floors as sets for a comic book. I was supposed to come up with the script, but I had other things going on. Making the sets was as far as I got, and now is closing in about a month, so for the sake of remembrance ...

Top floor is the General Store, where I manufactured stuff and sold it.

The 7th floor was a furniture store. I made things and upgraded them to styles that I found appealing and sold them.

The 6th floor was a wedding chapel, where Derrick Ableskiver and Velveeta Schmenk were married at the end of their adventure together.

The 5th floor was Derrick Ableskiver's office. He was a Private Detective.

The 4th floor was Velveeta Schmenk's apartment. She was a canary who worked in Toots Pollokoo's Tavern, and was romantically linked with Slack Mazala, who was a no-no powder mule for Toots.

The 3rd floor was a murder scene, where Slack's body was found. Apparently it was dropped from a great height, judging by the hole his body made in the dirt.

The 2nd floor was Lemuel Fenneq's Forensics Lab, where he manufactured no-no powder on the side.

The 1st floor was Melvin "Toots" Pollokoo's lavish and tastelss apartment, where he entertained lady visitors and plied them with various potions, liquor and rich exotic foods.

The ground floor was Toots' Tavern, where Velveeta met Slack originally. She broke off the involvement when she realized he was hooked on no-no. She was repulsed by Toots but a job is a job!

This was a labor of love, and I enjoyed every moment of creating this tower ... no, scratch that! I did not enjoy making the floors, but once they were made, I did enjoy furnishing them.