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Friday, September 14, 2012

Deadly Force?

The whole day, I was uneasy, and last night I was in Rodeo with Salazar Jack, his Grandma Thetan, his father Adam Grayson, his old friend Champie Jack, Ilianexsi Sojourner, and Osprey Therian working to set up an experiment to return the Stones to their former capacity as communicators / time portals (at least I think that was their function, but I am technologically challenged at best). 

Today I revisited the site of the experiment, and I was horrified to find everything in disarray.

Some time after I left, apparently something went awry, because although the remaining stone is still standing, glowing faintly and humming, the devices we set up have been knocked down and all the equipment seems to have been blown apart by some force! I went over to Seaside Village in Cowell, and it is simply GONE! I can only assume that it somehow went into seam in the time/space continuum, or it was totally vaporized by the force. I have not heard from any of the other experimenters since last night. I hope they are doing all right.

The Lookout Still Stands in Rodeo

An Experiment Gone Bad?

More Remnants from the Experiment 

Seaside Village Vaporized?

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