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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Dream of Big Cats

Last night I dreamed I was in a restaurant where all the tables were soft, like couches or beds. On my bed/table was a large black leopard or jaguar. He was very gentle, and lots of other big cats were roaming freely among the tables, doing no harm to humans. They were spotted cats of various kinds, ocelots, leopards, and so forth. The cat took my hand into his mouth, very carefully, the way a dog would do. It reminded me strongly of a dream I had years ago of a black dog taking my hand in his mouth. I woke up saying, "I wish I had a dog."

I did not wake saying, "I wish I had a big cat" but it made me think of all those beautiful animals and what we need to do as humans to provide space for them to coexist with our burgeoning population.  I don't have any answers except to support organizations that set aside land for habitat, such as The Nature Conservancy, and those which work to conserve and protect endangered animals, like The Cathouse, where this gorgeous man cat lives.

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