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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

May Day and Memories

My May Day consisted of a simple realization that we are in the very height of Spring. In this climate the weather is in the 80s, and last night we had a lovely cool breeze, an indigo sky with bright puffy clouds, and perfect humidity.

When I was in grade school, we had a yearly procession, in which we girls all wore white dresses and flower circlets in our hair. The boys wore suits and ties, and we all lined up, then walked, singing hymns to Mary, to a grotto dedicated to her, and the May Queen would crown her statue with a circlet of flowers like ours.

One thing I did like about growing up Catholic was that honoring of the Great Mother, although they never admitted her divinity, as they did with the Father and the Son.

Another memory is of my sister Betsy coming home from the hospital with Mother, and the two of them on the window seat in the dining room, covered with a peach-colored satin quilt. Betsy had red hair even then, and the sun was shining in. Outside the window were lilacs in bloom.

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