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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

My Anchors

Today at the Weight Watchers meeting, we discussed anchors. An anchor can be a saying, or an object, which has positive associations and which is mentally connected to ideas of achieving the goal. 

Years ago, I hiked in the Olympic Mountains and the end point of the hike was an alpine meadow something like this one. It was magical and thrilling! I felt very rewarded for all the struggle of getting up there. That feeling I want to attach to my anchor.

Also years ago also, I bought a small pewter ocarina that I wore on a silver chain around my neck. When I made the decision to quit smoking "cold turkey", I used that ocarina to help me accomplish my goal. When I wanted to smoke, I would play my ocarina (not very well, but who cares?). It engaged my mouth, breath and hands, which is what smoking did. After some time, I only had to reach up and hold onto my ocarina. Like Dumbo's feather, it had no power of its own, but for me it was plenty. I have never smoked since. What happened to that ocarina, I have no clue. Somewhere along the line it fell out of my life. I hope someone has it and cherishes it now.

I sent for another pendant ocarina, which I plan to use as my weight-loss anchor. I will attach the feelings of accomplishment I got from quitting smoking, and that wonderful joyous accomplishment of seeing the alpine meadow. I will also repeat a saying from my yoga teacher, "I may not be perfect, but I am going in the right direction."

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