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Monday, April 09, 2012

More Questions!

  • Will I be able to do yoga?
  • Will I be able to drive more than short distances? 
  • Will I be able to sleep comfortably?
  • Will I be able to walk the dogs for at least 30 minutes per day as I have been (60 minutes when The Husband is traveling)?


J.N. said...

very good questions. Can you do water aerobics?
I just came back from my Dr. apt and she can do precious little~ but she wants to do blood tests for Kidney and Liver functioning. She is looking for someone in our local area who might be able to do some of this work: wrapping, gentle massage, pressure machine...etc. You are so lucky to be in an area where there is help.

Enjah said...

Sorry you don't have better treatment options in your area. Over time, I bet that will change.

Enjah said...

Make sure the massage therapist knows Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Regular massage is much deeper.

hba x said...

Hi matey - I hope you are doing ok :(