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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Adventure Continues!

Today I had my evaluation at the Lymphedema and Wound Care Institute near my house, and it was interesting. I received a pump and compression garments like the ones in the photo, for home use, and I received a different diagnosis. This doctor says I have primary lymphedema, which means it is not fat that is absorbing fluids, but the lymph nodes are inadequate and have been for a long time.
Friday I have a Doppler ultrasound of my legs to determine whether I have Deep Vein Thrombosis, and if not, I begin Complete Decongestion Therapy on Monday afternoon. They took a photo of my legs, and measured the circumference at 4-cm intervals up the leg, then re-measured after I had a 15-minute pump treatment as shown in the photo. There was a difference, so this will work. I am hopeful.


mudpie said...

i can tell dat's not a real pitcher

Fuzzy Bunyip said...

Wow, nothin gets past you, mudpie, does it? I thot it was realistic my own self.

J.N. said...

you are so clever. so darling.