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Friday, March 30, 2012

Doctors' Blinders

Last week I had my yearly physical. Going in, I had four issues:

  1. A middle rib that hurt right where it joins the spine.
    The Doctor's solution: get an x-ray
    The Doctor's diagnosis, based on reading of x-ray: nothing wrong
  2. A pain in my elbow.
    The Doctor's solution: this is golfer's elbow (I don't play golf), ice it or you will have to have a cortisone shot!
  3. Pain in my hips.
    The Doctor's solution: go to an orthopedic hip specialist
    The Ortho Doc takes x-ray
    The Ortho Doctor'
    s diagnosis, based on reading of  x-ray: nothing wrong
  4. I have swollen legs, one more swollen than the other
    The Doctor's diagnosis: lipoedema, but why bother investigating further, as there is no treatment
So, a week later, I have the same problems I had when I went to the doctor, with only one solution, for the elbow. Not only that, I have been diagnosed with a serious illness, and have been told there is no treatment, which is not true.

My conclusion: doctors are useless. I refer you to another blog: You Know You're An Asshole Doctor

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