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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Self-Discovery Via iPhone

After many many beatings administered by my Friend, I gave up Words. It is beginning to dawn on me why I get walk-throughs and cheats ... I am not good at games! This is very liberating. Get thee to a nunnery, glitch! Begone, Kingdom-Age, Wither and Die, Words with Friends!

My personality is just not cut out for strategic thinking, I guess. My poor sore ego cannot take the flayings of seeing others excel in these competitive games while I struggle valiantly yet fail.

I am sure I am good at something or other, but what that something is, I know not. Yesterday my mind was labeling me as NGE (Not Good Enough) at anything. That felt especially bad.


Your Ego said...

No comment.

Enjah said...

I just canceled my subscription in glitch so that is that, at least for the paying side of it!

Salazar Jack said...

You are a beautiful artist. I know folks who would give up their last tube of cobalt blue or dusty chalk stick to be able to fill a canvas or board as uniquely stylish as you do. Oh, when it comes to our own self-perceptions we are a most far-sighted lot! Get thee to an artery!

Enjah said...

Thank you Salazar. That is quite a compliment coming from another artist. Your architectural builds in Second Life are really lovely and graceful.