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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stages of Spiritual Unfoldment: The Fifth Stage, Regeneration

 In the Fifth Stage of Spiritual Unfoldment, we begin to hear (or at least sense) the messages of the Inner Teacher. Here he has the form of an outer, established leader in the hierarchy of religion; the inner meaning is of the true and invisible spiritual leaders of this planet. They are constantly sending out their insights, which are then "heard" or realized by those who are tuned to that level of wisdom; then those beings transmit it at a slightly lower level of energy, to those who are focused on the slower rates of vibration, known to us as matter, or the physical plane. The messages of the invisible hierarchy are always concerned with principles, they never interrupt us when we are busy planning our life events, and they are always unifying, never separative.

Once a person has developed the capacity for interior hearing, they begin to reverse the direction of the energy flow through themselves. Instead of taking in the "outer" energies, and responding to them, spiritual aspirants are receiving higher energies, taking them into their vehicles (their various bodies, from finest to most dense), and from there releasing this pure loving and unifying energy to the entire planet, and especially to those with whom they are intimate. When there is a crisis, they work on remaining stable, and continuing to send out positive, unifying and loving energy.

The resulting condition is that of Regeneration, signified by The Sun; it is not the end of the process of spiritual unfoldment, but the beginning of changing the body into a Body of Light, regenerating our spirits and thereby, our bodies.


Isabel said...

Very interesting all your posts about tarot, but i cant find the sixth and the seventh stages, you posted them? where can i find?

Ellen McCormick Martens said...

Dear Isabel, Thank you for your reminder to finish this series of blog posts! I have done my best.