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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Spiritual Unfoldment, Stage Three: Revelation

Stage Three begins with the human power of Creative Imagination; our ability to create images of what we desire is based upon our power of memory. We recombine ideas, forms, thoughts, and so forth, to make something new. The virginal High Priestess of Memory becomes the pregnant Imagination; The Empress. Add the emotional power of Desire, and the likelihood of creating from these images is very high.

These images work through the seemingly mechanistic cycles of the Universe, shown in the Wheel of Fortune. There is a clear ebb and flow in our lives and in the Universe itself, including our personal cycles of daily events, and outward to the rotation of the planet round our daystar, and out again to its circling of the galactic center; The galaxy itself is, of course, in motion as well, and for all we know the conglomerations of stars and planets, dark matter and so on, may be part of an even larger rotating, incomprehensibly large system! But back to our level ... impressing the desired outcome upon the mind on a daily basis is more likely to deliver results than is doing it sporadically, or skipping from desire to desire. 

The lowest Key shows the results; Nature unveils herself to us, and our Mind being a holograph of the Universal Mind, we have the same processes as it does. We are meditated, as well as meditating. The Star shows us our seven inner whirling centers of Light, our chakras, with an eighth central star of Unity. In Key 15, The Devil, the background was absolutely black. Then in Key 16, there was the lightning flash illuminating the sky, and now the sky is a peaceful dark night full of luminous stars. At this stage, we can imagine what we need to do to become personalized centers emitting invisible Light. Our petty desires, as they are fulfilled, lead us to deeper desires, the desire to be compassionate, to give to the world, rather than only taking what is available to us.

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J.N. said...

I love your Tarot lessons.