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Monday, January 16, 2012

Spiritual Unfoldment, Stage Four: Organization

The Fourth Stage of Spiritual Unfoldment begins with Key 0, The Fool, who symbolizes freedom, the spirit, breath, and the truth that all things are possible. We feel this when we are young, and deep inside, we are forever young. The human spirit is indomitable. Though this spirit descends into the slower vibrations of what we call "matter", it remains itself.

Below him is The Emperor, Key 4, also known as "he who sets in order". This is our human power of Reason. Not simply intellect, but a higher form of reasoning. He also represents Vision. When we decide what we want to be, do or have, we begin by affirming that it is possible. Then we must have a vision. We must imagine ourselves in the situation we desire, vividly, and use our Reason to make a plan. The Emperor is associated with the eyes and the head. He is correlated with the sign Aries, first sign of the zodiac.

Then we must take Action, which brings us to Key 11, Justice, which means Action or Karma. This Key is associated with the middle of the zodiac, the sign Libra. Even if our action is the wrong one, it is better to do something than to idly dream, or worse, become emotionally paralyzed by indecision. If the action takes us in a direction that is not right for us, it will become clear quickly, and then we can revise our plan and go in another direction. Key 11 is associated with the kidneys, which filter and cleanse the bloodstream, eliminating any undesirable particles. Anything we do, say, think or feel charges the bloodstream with chemicals, so it behooves us to do our best to think positive thoughts, especially about ourselves. The chemistry of the human body is complex and any strong thought or feeling is communicated instantly to the entire body.

Finally, Our plan will be implanted in our subconscious mind during Sleep, the function attributed to Key 18, The Moon, known as Organization, and associated with the final astrological sign, Pisces. Repeated visualizations are transmitted to the cells and gradually, those with the new concept of ourselves (according to our plan) become the majority of cells. Once they do, we must inevitably be transformed into a new person, in accordance with our Vision.

So we have the beginning, middle and end of the zodiac represented in this stage. To recap: realize that ANYTHING is possible; formulate a reasonable PLAN to become, have or do what you desire most; then take ACTION in that direction; and finally, use repeated suggestions, particularly at night just as you are falling asleep, to implant that plan in your CELLULAR CONSCIOUSNESS.

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