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Monday, December 19, 2011

Stage Two: Awakening

The Keys before you are, top to bottom, The High Priestess, who symbolizes the Subconscious Mind, or Memory; The Hermit, who is our Higher Self, and can also symbolize those extraordinary human beings we call Adepts; and The Tower, which shows the effect of realizing that the Universe is composed of Mind, solely and completely. What we call "matter" is spiritual or mental energy, moving at a much slower rate than thought or spirit.

The High Priestess, Subconsciousness, has a peculiar trait that, once understood, helps us to effect changes more easily. She refuses to recognize the word NOT. If I use an affirmation that includes that word, the word is simply ignored. For a concrete example, I might say, "I am not an overeater." My subconscious mind hears "I am an overeater," and she provides me with ample opportunity to fulfill that belief. Any fear that is focused upon in using "not" is forced to be fulfilled. An example of a fear mantra would be, "I hope fire will not break out in my home;" of course, subconsciousness reads that as "I hope fire will break out in my home".

The middle Key, The Hermit, is the Higher Self, guiding us with gentle persistence, sending his love from the peak of realization of godhood, to let us know that we can achieve that as well.

The lower Key, The Tower, represents circumstances that break up old patterns of being, in response to the new beliefs we incorporate. At this time on Earth, this Key is very prominent. The old ways of doing and being are daily being destroyed, by humanity and by nature. We are privileged to live at this time, to witness and take part in this vast time of change. On the personality level, this archetype can be uncomfortable to experience. If one resists change, change is imposed from what we call "without", and it can be sudden and sometimes frightening.


c.m.lucy said...

i like the "not" part - kind of like negative publicity is still publicity - it draws the attention and the memory to the person or product.

Osprey said...

I told Frank about the not part - weeee!