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Monday, December 19, 2011

Again, edited: First Stage of Spriitual Unfoldment

The First Stage of Spiritual Unfoldment is Bondage, believe it or not! If you look at these Tarot Keys from top to bottom you see The Magician, which is the self-conscious mind or the Power of Attention, Strength, which symbolizes the Law of Suggestion, and The Devil, which represents our Bondage to circumstances.

Here is a translation in regular terms. We create our own situations, through the sum total of our daily words, thoughts, feelings and deeds and what we pay attention to. Naturally that means, that if we have created hell on earth, we can create something different, if we change our minds.

For an example, the person who believes they are worthless will find that belief reflected back to them in every way imaginable. If he or she changes that belief by working to control their thinking and begins to reiterate and reinforce belief in his or her worth and goodness, slowly but surely, the circumstances in the life will change. THEY HAVE TO. It is a Law of The Universe.

The attribution of Mirth to Key 15, The Devil, indicates that once we SEE THROUGH the APPEARANCES of unpleasant circumstances, we realize that there can only be one Mind running the Universe, so all these events are given to us by that Mind. To believe in a separate evil entity that is opposed to God is to believe that there are two Gods. When we begin to look deeply into ourselves, we realize that every experience is a gift from the Higher Self to help us learn something, to develop compassion, for example, or to see that we have obstructive patterns of thought and behavior which need to be worked upon.

ADDENDUM: Yes, I realized I have not said why mirth is attributed to the Devil. isn't he/she the silliest thing you have ever seen? Well, our main power over Evil is Laughter. The finest comedic minds use it to destroy the powers that oppress others; laugh at someone who is trying to frighten you. This is all a drama, performed within, by, and for God. You are one character being played by the Mind of the Universe. There have to be villains in order to have action, to bring out our courage! Have courage, and remember, although bodies come and go, YOU are an ETERNAL BEING.

NOTE: This is just the tip of the iceberg of possible  interpretation of these archetypes; there are volumes written about this subject, and true depth of understanding is only possible with years of study, meditation and self-transmutation.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: The Tarot by Paul Foster Case; The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order, also by Paul Foster Case; and the Builders of the Adytum lessons, available to members of B.O.T.A.; see their website for more information.

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