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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Manipulative Mail

Every day we all get junk mail. Because we support some charities, we get a lot of pleas for help from the others. There is only so far one's budget will stretch, so we have chosen those we consider important and left the rest for others. 

A lot of charities are now sending unsolicited "gifts", hoping that the recipient will then pay far beyond market value for the "gift", in the form of a donation. 

For example, this month I have received at least three calendars, five sets of mailing labels and this gem, shown above, a penny affixed to the donation request. The charity wants to stimulate my feelings of guilt for its own purposes. I resent this kind of behavior. If they want to help those in need, stop sending out unwanted, unsolicited items to people who have no interest in their charity!

1 comment:

C.M.Lucy said...

I got one with a nickle! And lots of return address labels.