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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Gummint Ain't All Bad ...

As soon as I received this message I knew it had to be a phishing scam. I went to the Atlanta FBI website and got their contact email, then reported this email as suspicious. They replied and said to forward them the email and go to I did that and filled out the form they supplied online, which was very easy. Then they replied to me within a half an hour:

Good Afternoon,

This is a scam in which the FBI has been victimized along with thousands of others.  Simply delete.  You may also make a complaint to the Internet Complaint Center, IC3.GOV

FBI Atlanta

I am glad they will track back and get at this jerk, jerks, or jerkesses, or jackesses.


Osprey said...

Kudos on your vigilance, citizen. To receive your special Vigilance reward go to CIAphishingscamlololol.guv
This is an official gummint comment.

Enjah said...

I went to ther sight butte they wasn't inn.