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Monday, August 08, 2011

Dynamic Symmetry?

I am trying to grasp the concepts in this book, which purports to be about using intelligent planning in design of art.

I understand a little of what I am reading, but it is not written for someone like me. It is written for ... Geometry People. I did very well in geometry in high school, because it was drawing! Forget Algebra which was never tied to reality for me. Anyway, I get some of the concepts, but not from the writing, from the pictures. Typical.

A few things I did grasp: he says look at Greek sculpture vs. Roman sculpture. One lives, one is stodgy and lifeless. TRUE! He also shows how to create a whirling square and use the Golden Mean. I know about that. However, now he is showing all different sorts of rectangles, and showing their dynamic spots, involving a perpendicular line to the diagonal. I think I may grasp it at some point. 

What I want to know is, how do I use this concept to improve my paintings, even if I am not using a Golden Rectangle shape for my canvas? I get the feeling he is leading to that, but my poor brain is swimming upstream.

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