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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Carry IN!

One of my favorite restaurants provides dinnerware but only paper napkins, and for drinks it recently switched to styrofoam cups even for those eating in; I am trying to eliminate as much styrofoam from my consumption as I can, so I brought my own lifefactory cup. It is glass, which is so nice for flavor, and it has that grippy silicone covering; and its own screw on cap with a seal. It even fits in my car cup holder! Besides that, I realized I don't need to use a straw with it. Also instead of the provided paper napkins, I used one of my People Towels, and it made me feel ever so happy! The only trash was the paper receipt, which I can recycle easily.

1 comment:

mudpie said...

u should eat the receipt - dat's what i do