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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Years ago, I read in a book called "Yoga Self-Taught", about using the neti pot to clean out the nostrils on a daily basis, as part of cleansing one's body. I tried it and did it from time to time. In the book it claimed that daily nasal cleansing would prevent colds and sinus infections, so I performed the cleansing when I got a cold, but was reluctant to do it on a daily basis because it is one more thing to do each day.

GFM had chronic sinus infections so I told him about the neti pot. Then he spoke to an ENT doctor about using the neti pot, and the doctor said it would help him a lot; he began using his neti pot daily. 

Lately my allergies have been terrible, so I began using the neti pot twice daily, morning and night. Remarkably my decades-long problem of having to cough, blow my nose, and sneeze for at least an hour in the morning disappeared. Now I have almost no problem with allergies.

Using the neti pot is simple and there are instructions with the ones you can purchase on the internet. The one I like best is from the Himalayan Institute. One of the most important parts of using the neti pot is the salt solution. If it is too weak, it hurts like when you accidentally take water into your nose; when it is too strong the salt burns the nasal tissue. A heaping teaspoon of kosher salt or other salt without additives in a pint of warm water is exactly the right solution.

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