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Thursday, June 09, 2011

For Future Reference ...

It may be that time has hardened me to this kind of drama, but when today I finally watched Steel Magnolias (well, most of it anyway), I did not care for a group of women speaking in fake Southern accents with big hair, whose community was so white it was startling. They were supposedly in The South, and there were enough references to Louisiana to make that appear to be the supposed setting, but where were all the Black people? The South is, in many cases, majority Black, yet with the exception of some light-skinned Black people and an Asian, all in large group scenes, everyone was whiter than white.

The death of the young woman was signaled so plentifully that when she finally went it was a relief. There were a few things I enjoyed about it, but by and large it was obvious and tiresome. However, now when someone refers to the movie, I will know what they are talking about.

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