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Friday, June 17, 2011

Drought Blessings

Houston rain is Real Rain, like drenching, flooding, walloping, gulley-washer rain. This year, though, we have not had any Real Rain (yes there have been sprinkles and showers in some places) since late January. We need rain desperately, but it has eluded us so far.

The drought has cracked the earth in places that no one is watering, forming fissures so wide and deep our standard poodle gets his feet caught in them (see photos).

But there has been a real upside to this weather. Just this afternoon I sat out in the back throwing the ball for Bear, and there were NO MOSQUITOES! There was A WONDERFUL COOL BREEZE! and the shade of our Live Oak threw shadows along the brick walls of our house as it swayed in the breeze and made lovely patterns against the very blue sky. In a "normal" year I can't sit out there without stinky stuff all over me to repel the vicious mosquitoes, and the air gets still and close. The weather is deliciously good.

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