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Monday, February 14, 2011

Seven Years of Second Life!

Seven years ago today, I washed ashore in Second Life. I was unconscious and unaware that I had reached land once again, but I was nursed back to health by good companionship. 

It has been quite an adventure and very challenging to live in this virtual world. Unlike some I have visited, a couple for months at a stretch, the residents create the "content", that is, buildings, trees and plants, clothing, mechanisms, and each person brings their own vision to the world. It changes every day, and there are always new places to visit, as well as new projects to work on.

I have found this a very satisfying world. If you are looking for a game, you can find some in SL, but of itself it is not a game. There are no levels or mini rewards ... just the satisfaction, amusement and amazement of creating your own "second" life.


Osprey said...

Happy Rezday!

Salazar Jack said...

So glad you made it to shore!