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Friday, January 28, 2011

Travel Peeves

Peeve No. 1 has to do with turn signals. When did they stop putting them on new cars? No one seems to bother with them any more, and it is difficult to pull out into an intersection when the oncoming traffic is not signalling. Even if they are, of course, they may or may not be turning, but STILL ... This is a good reason for outlawing handheld devices being used by drivers.

Peeve No. 2: These days, whether you are traveling or not, if you visit a women's restroom, you may find someone has PEED ON THE SEAT. This is a practice that I find highly offensive. After all, women have harangued men to put the seat UP before peeing and DOWN afterwards, so I would think they would do the same when squatting over the toilet to avoid contact of their buttocks with the seat, but no, they leave their urine for the next woman to clean off, an extremely rude practice.

Peeve No. 3 is also understandable but still a selfish inconsiderate practice. Some people have roller bags with long handles, and they trail the things behind them in lines, so that they and their bags take up 3 feet of space instead of 1. To protect one's ankles from these metal monstrosities is quite a task. Sometimes they roll them alongside, which effectively takes up the room one needs to pass by.

Peeve No. 4  is that when they heave these humongous roller bags into the overhead bin space, they take up so much of it that there is not enough room for other people's bags. This one is understandable when the airline in question has begun charging for checking a bag, but it is still unfriendly.

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