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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Toaster I Would Make ...

Antique electric (?) toaster ... sans cord?
The dude in the TED video was all gung-ho about having to have plastic on his toaster, as that is the form toasters have now. However, in my memory there were metal-only toasters. For this model one would need only steel and copper, and if it were I making the toaster, I would find the components in the trash heaps that abound in our world now.

Mulling it over, in the event of a worldwide collapse of technology, I wonder if I could make bread, but never mind ... and the earliest toasting devices were probably green sticks, the kind one would use to toast marshmallows (can you make a marshmallow from produce grown in your back yard?).

Toasting "fork"

The metallic age brought forks with wooden handles, and the lower image is one of those, albeit with a spiral wire to hold the bread, as opposed to the fork I recall. The fork I remember had a quick release lever to push the toasted slice of bread off the ends of the tines.

Why anyone would want a facsimile of an electric toaster in a world without power plants is beyond me, but the TED video was very funny and reminds us of our total interdependence.


Osprey said...

Funny - I've been thinking A LOT about toasters lately, and gnashing my teeth that the old one Jim gave me was "cleaned up" very recently. This is similar-ish to the firest one I actively remember:
Ours was a bit later, but I well remember the turned black wooden bead knobs. It was a triangle, sort of, so the toast leaned in. It wasn't at all automatic; you had to mind it or it would burn the house down.

Enjah said...

I had one of those during my "living in poverty" phase. I found very pleasing visually, but not terribly even in its toasting, and yes, it required hovering over it to make sure it did not burst into flames!