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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Great Davenport Fire of 19__

It was Christmas time at the F______ household and Mother, Father and The Girls were decorating the house. Mother said, "In Williamsburg, they put candles in the windows! We should do that ... it is so charming, beautiful and dignified!"

So Mother, Father and The Girls set about doing just that. They put long tapers into brass candlesticks and placed them on the sills of their plate glass "picture windows". They lit the candles and went outside to admire the lovely glow. It was quite a sight. They settled in for an evening of mild family entertainment and forgot the candles.

It was not a long time later that the curtains caught fire, and the back of the davenport as well. The family rushed into the kitchen for containers of water. One daughter carried water in the wooden salad bowl. Others used water glasses, and they ran back and forth, dashing water on the conflagration until it was out. 

The picture window glass had a large crack in it from the heat, and had to be replaced. The davenport was blackened, and the curtains were ruined. A singed smell hung in the air. The family was relieved that no one had been burned, and the house stood.

Then someone remembered there was a fire extinguisher in the closet they had all passed by on their way to and from the kitchen with the water "buckets"!

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