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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This Agnes Varda film is a cautionary tale, in my opinion. 

A young woman is found frozen to death in France near a vineyard. In flashbacks her tale unfolds ... a defiant woman who refuses to be enticed into any situation that entails responsibility. She wanders, sleeping in her tent, through a cold, bleak winter landscape. Those she encounters tell their experience of her. 

I thought she was rude and unpleasant, and her contacts described her as smelly and rough. She did not seem grateful to anyone who helped her and in fact, when a few could not help her she was angry and insulting to them. Strangely, some of them became attached to her. I did not. When she died I was not saddened nor (of course) surprised.

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hba said...

/me marks this one down as "barrel of laughs" and promptly loses the slip of paper under a copy of 300 whilst watching the trainles for Tron 2 & Sucker Punch