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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Wasteland that Once was Kahruvel

Sam Sloan stands in the bleak emptiness that remains where once the magnificent forest grew, where the dignified tower stood, where the name of Kahruvel hung proudly over the land.

No more ... the land lies abandoned and fallow. This must be attributed to Linden Labs and their callous disregard of Sal's loss of objects that he had labored lovingly to create. They decided he was not important enough to roll back the sims he owned, and now they have lost income (perhaps not a sizeable chunk of it, but nevertheless it is an omen of the future). Many residents of Second Life are moving to other worlds, a diaspora that will probably never be reversed. They built a beautiful world where residents could create freely, then undercut it over and over again.

They hired creative and skilled people then ruthlessly let them go en masse.

They went for the mass audience and have now destroyed the very things that drew that audience. They overcharged and now people are leaving in droves.


Salazar Jack said...

Please tell Sam that I, and the rest of the Trust officers, truly appreciate his presence at the site where the old tower stood in Bodega. Letting go of the tahra on the outskirts of Kahruvel has been a difficult decision, but one much more borne by financial and practical matters, not anything pointedly done (or not done) by the Lindens. There are rules that govern the Mainland, rules that limit the ability of landowners more so than on a private estate, and we have been well aware of the potential consequences from day one. While it would have been nice to have those rules relaxed following the Rodeo Incident, we understand the Lab's stance and wish them no ill will. If the Lab's records are accurate, I very well may have helped create the conditions that led to the incident in Rodeo. No, the reason for the contraction of Kahruvel's area on the Mainland is strictly financial –– to free up funds for temporal teleportation research. The Trust is convinced that Kahruvel's true salvation lies in the past, the prevention of the Great Erase.

hba said...

A sad sight with a promise of salvation from the past...

Douglas Quinn said...

A sad sight indeed.

I've spent many happy hours perched in and around Kahruvel.

I only hope that should the Trust be successful in their research their travels in to the past are easier to unravel and follow than the clues provided on the Obelisk(s) once found in the heart of the Forest from the last exodus.