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Saturday, November 20, 2010

I miss my friends in Second Life. I have no way of knowing why they are incommunicado, so I wander, I build, I wonder. Are they busy? Are they having terrible life troubles? Have I offended them somehow? Have they moved to another world?

I logged into Second Life and found myself in a persistent cloud state. I wandered up to Stephen's Cairn Bluff where I was a cloud visiting a ghost. 


hba said...

Hiya hun - I'm still here, just been fiendishly busy at work and then playing Call of duty like a fool. I'm heading back in world this week - look out for me or Ryne. Actually it will probably be me more that Ryne as I want to set up a wooden furniture shop for RPing in Steelhead - not a real shop, but more a film set that will be burnt down by the gangs :)

Call Me Lucy said...

Hi! i've been away - but even before that i hardly ever saw anyone!
after 3 or 4 weeks it's hard to jump back in, but i'll prolly do it this weekend! maybe see what Hun has done to her fabulous house.